Thursday, November 06, 2008


For those who are skeptical of "change".
For those who believe that the term “change” was a political gimmick.
For those who are cautiously trying to level-set their expectations for January because “change won’t happen overnight”…

It's done. It has happened. Change did happen overnight. It happened on Tuesday night to be exact.

When 80% of this country spoke up and said that race is not an issue, “change” materialized.

To those skeptics, I dare you to tell the tears of pride that rolled down brown cheeks that "change" hasn’t occurred. Tell them to retreat back into eyes that saw segregation, because “change hasn’t happened yet”. Tell them to wait to see what the president elect is going to do once the hype dies down. You tell them.

On Tuesday, the perception that racism is a mainstream American ideology was obliterated, by a huge margin. No hanging chad controversies. Our voice was collective, it was loud and it was clear.

Change happened the moment my bi-racial children looked at the president elect and saw their skin color as the color of power and success.

Change happened when American flags hung over Kenyan trees.

Change happened when African Americans felt authentic pride in their country.

Change has happened. Change is sure to come.

Please pray for our President elect and our country.


Lo said...

i pray, and i'm not religious. you could say i have my own "prayer" idea goin' on now.

but i feel, things are changin' for the better.

and while i have been raised as a blonde buddhist, i sit down with you and pray.

to a better day tomorrow.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

not to split hairs, but the popular vote wasn't exactly 80%.

T5M said...

LOL! Did Seth make you leave that comment? Ha ha! ...he's a sociology major, he should know that it's all in how you stratify the data! :-) ha ha!

In our family he got 100% of the popular vote.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

nope...i haven't seen him all week! i guess he's just rubbing off on me...yikes!

MaineMom said...

The marrow of every person of color in this country carries the pain of the one before. I can never understand that pain, but yet I feel so incredibly happy for this amazing and historic change.

Grandma said...

I feel that our future will be on the upswing, although, it may take more then one term to make this happen. Change is good!

T5M said...

Wowzers Mainemom! Well stated. Can I quote you somewhere?

MaineMom said...

You can quote me, but it'll cost you $9.99 per letter.