Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Daily Grind

I recently asked Dirt if he thought that we started our day out like typical people do. I'm admittedly skeptical. Our normal morning routine goes something like this:

6a: Hear toddler footsteps running down the hall. Seconds later, Maya is climbing over Dirt's head and situating herself snugly between us. She demands juice and any one of these previously tivo'd programs: Backyardigans, Dora, Diego, Hi-5, Hip Hop Harry or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

6:45a: I reluctantly draw one of my legs out from under my cocoon of covers and let it drop to the floor. The other foot follows shortly after.

6:45a - 7:15a: A LOT goes on during this time frame, it all seems like a blur. I get in the shower, one of us hollers into the older kids to get up, Dirt irons. Then I iron and Dirt gets in the shower (sometimes), then one of us reminds the older kids to get dressed, brush hair, brush teeth, we chase Maya around, capture her and dress her, I sometimes look in the mirror and try to get a straight part, Dirt shaves, I threaten the kids that if they don't get downstairs they're going to miss breakfast. It's insanity.

7:20a: Dirt heads out the door, hits Dunkin Donuts for a large extra extra, and then the highway where he will be greeted by about a zillion other commuters. He rolls into work at around 9a.

7:20a: I pack lunches while the older kids moan about breakfast options. Avery usually gets his own cereal. Amelle wants me to give her a run down of the day's specials (Cereal, toast, bananas, yogurt, granola bars, frozen waffles, English muffins, oatmeal). Same flippin' choices every day.

While I'm packing lunches I also make oatmeal for Maya. Sometimes she wants to "help", which complicates and slows down the process. Sometimes she also pees herself (or worse) during this time.

7:30a: older kids get their snacks and a bottle of water for their backpacks and head into the car. On a good day, no one forgets anything inside and we're successfully back out of the driveway. On a not-so-good day, we can make anywhere from 1 to 3 trips back inside for various almost-forgotten items.

7:40a: drop off Maya

8:00a: drop off older kids. As I pull out of the school parking lot I call Dirt for a victory celebration chat. "We made it through another day!" I proclaim. Then he reminds me that it's only 8 in the morning. He loves to rain on my parade like that.

9:00a: roll into work.

I have this nagging suspicion that mornings are suppose to be less chaotic than this. Is this realistic? I often feel like a drill Sergeant trying to get new (retarded) recruits through an extremely difficult obstacle course. "Move it, move it, move it!" "put matching socks on!", "belt through all the belt loops", "Wipe the toothpaste off your chin!", "zip your fly!"

So I guess I'm wondering what time you wake up in the morning and what your morning routine consists of? Just looking for a slice of normalcy here, don't overwhelm me. In fact, if your morning routine involves exercising before work, please don't comment at all. I don't think I could handle that.

...Okay, you can comment, but instead of saying "work out", use a substitute term like, oh I don't "eat chocolate". Yeah, that would do just fine.


Grandma said...

I see that you forgot to mention "post a blog" in your morning routine.

MaineMom said...

Grandma got you on that one! I think your morning routine is very normal, considering you have four kids and yourself to get ready (I added Jermaine as a kid, but I see you let him iron so I may have to retract that one). The thing is, you have a career, so you can't be driving kids to school in your jogger pants/sweatshirt - you actually have to get yourself looking sweet as well (which means just throwing on a pair of pearls over said jogger pants/sweatshirt - hee hee)....ahem..

Right now, my schedule during the week is pretty easy. But when both the boys are in school, and I have to be in for a meeting at 9am, then it'll get crazy.

Totally normal, totally chaotic and most times, totally worth it!

T5M said...

I wrote this blog two days ago and scheduled it to post this morning. There's just no way I could squeeze in time to post blogs in the AM.

MaineMom said...

Gosh darn it girl! Can you tell me what you AREN'T doing?

TheKeyRing said...

I've talked about my morning routine before. Equally as chaotic, equally as hectic -- totally normal.
5:30 - alarm goes off (hit snooze)
5:40 - hit snooze
5:50 - seriously debate getting up, hit snooze
5:52 -- drag self out of bed, turn off alarm.
6:00-6:10 - coffee, wait for bathroom (teenager primping)
6:10-6:40 - shower, dress, attmept at hair/makeup routine (fighting for bathroom space, trying not to share.
6:45 - bid farewell to high schoolers as they walk to school, begin dragging 3 yo out of bed, make sure 12 yo is up
6:50-7:00 finishing touches on beautification project for self (need more time, more tools, but resolved to this is as good as it gets today)
7:00 - struggle to dress and groom 3 yo. Not above bribery here (today it took 3 sweedish fish to finish hair brushing).
7:20 - mad dash to car
7:30 - drop off toddler
7:40 - drop off teenager
7:50 - catch train (hopefully don't have to run).
I pack all meals the night before, I plan outfits for me and 3 yo the night before. If I could I would dress her and myself the night before, too, but I haven't been driven to that quite yet.
Sometimes I try to squeeze in a call to my mom with my coffee, and sometimes I miss my train. Just a day in the life.
There is a song that I try to always remember when life is so hectic -- my favorite line goes something like this "you're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back, you're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast -- you may not see it now, but you're gonna miss this".

T5M said...

Thanks Pam. I needed that! (especially the part about bribing 3yo with sweedish fish in order to comb hair).

T5M said...

mainemom: I'm not exercising.

Lo said...

hehehe. i guess this is what i have to look forward to when i eventually have kids, right?

but seriously? i'm excited. bc life is about LIVING. :)

my morning today was...

7:09 realize i missed my alarm clock, oh ya, THAT was that annoying sound wasn't it? oh crud.. now i'm late...

7:11. TRY to fix myself to look normal. fail. opt for turtleneck and pulled back ponytail and dabs of mascara.

7:26. make green tea. put on shoes. put on coat. necessities, people.

7:32 start my husbands car, rev my engine and get on the highway for a mind-numbing commute.

8:24. arrive at work. sigh. another day. try to pep myself up to NOT look so drained.

and isn't it weird that i remember all the EXACT times that i did things? yeah. i know. i'm odd.

your morning is hectic. i think i need mommy lessons before i start having kids!

TheKeyRing said...

I will give her nearly anything to let me comb that hair. All those curls, all those tangles. I know you know what I'm sayin'. I never experienced everything that goes with a curly topped kid before. It's nearly enough to make me lose my mind!

MaineMom said...

Well, you may not be doing Jazzercise three times a week, but you certainly do not lead a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, I don't think you watch any TV, and I know how your life is at night (laundry, homework with kids for hours, your own work, packing lunches/going through backpacks, thinking about the next charitable thing you can do, etc...).

Internally you run a marathon every day.

P.S. I love when I ask Will what he wants for breakfast and he says, "Umm..what do we have?" Like you said, it's the same flippin' choices every morning..

T5M said...

Mainemom: You're too funny!

"Internally" I'm a size 2 with 6-pack abs and thighs of steel. Externally, not so much.

suesbrood said...

The guilt you feel could be a product of actually feeling like you're not doing enough! Try doing a little more so that your old schedule looks like cake.

Squeeze in some vacuuming or a couple loads of laundry. Or perhaps some X-treme multi-tasking: shove a broom up your pant leg and sweep the kitchen while you get lunches ready.

Be creative. But don't stop long enough to applaud; be quietly content. Nobody likes a braggart.

MaineMom said...

Suesbrood, are you calling my sister-in-law and BFF a braggart?

Obviously you don't know her. To suggest she "try doing more" is laughable at best.

suesbrood said...

no way "mainemom"!!
i'm a great lover of hyperbole and dedicated parents with tounge-in-cheek senses of humor.
i have four girls myself and am well acquainted with the rigors of "the schedule". Be thankful i self-edited and suggested she shove the broom up her pant

suesbrood said...


MaineMom said...

Suesbrood - I'm all for hyperbole and sarcasm..

Like this blogger was asking, what does YOUR morning routine consist of (you said you have four children)?

Besides shoving broom sticks up your

MaineMom said...

pant leg? =P

suesbrood said...

i have 4 daughters ages 13,11,10 and 7. They are fortunately at an age when much of what needs to be done in the morning can be managed by them. i'm more like a Ring-Master than anything else.

i remember...oh, do i remember those days. Yet another fortunate stroke of providence served to alleviate much of the "daily grind" stress when the girls were small. My spouse and i prayed about our situation with child-care after #3 was born. We figured that God didn't give us kids for someone else to raise. We both essentially changed jobs so that we were working opposite days so one of us would always be home with the kids.

It has been fantastic! i wish everyone could do it (not that everyone would). It took some sacrificing, but it really wasn't too bad at all.

A little 'shout out' to Maine: i had a Mainegrammy. She moved from Union to MA in the Depression.