Friday, November 21, 2008

Dirt's Rental Wheels

Last week Dirt went to North Carolina for work.

When he arrived at the car rental facility, they handed him the keys to a Chevy.

Dirt secretly hoped that he'd get another Hyundai (he had rented one last month from the same place and called me almost immediately to tell me how surprisingly nice it was. He boasted of the wood grain console, leather interior, and ultra-smooth ride. Then we discussed the unfortunate stigma of the Hyundai that prevents us, and many others, from owning what appears to be a sound vehicle with a lifetime powertrain warranty - whatever that is.)

Anyway, Dirt grabbed his Chevy keys and headed out to the lot, only to find that his keys turned the door lock of this beauty:

The feeling Dirt had as he turned the key, could only be likened to what the Prince would've felt if the glass slipper had fit onto the ugly step-sister's foot.

Dirt, who is generally a "non-complainer", turned around and went back to the agent, handed her the keys and stated, "this vehicle is not appropriate for business travel".

Um, what kind of vehicle is this? I don't think I've actually ever seen one before, like in real life. It's like a PT Cruiser gone bad. Very bad.

Seriously, is it a car or an old fashioned milk truck?

Okay, I'm done hatin' on cars. Don't scold me.


The Gawel's said...

Its the Chevy HHR--my sister has one, I'll have to tell her how much you like it!! LOL

Lo said...

bwahahahaha oh lordy this is the UGLIEST car!!! my goodness. i would've done the same thing. imagine getting OUT of that car and people actually seeing you!!!! gasp. the horror.

seriously tho. that is one eye sore.

Grandma said...

I rented a Hyundai for two months a couple of years ago and liked it better then my BMW. It had a great ride and it was very comfortable. It maybe my next car, that's if I'm not riding a bike as my single means of transportation. The economy is going down the poop chute.

MaineMom said...

Grandma, your next vehicle is a Lark. Admit it.

I think Dirt would've looked HOT riding in that thing. Hot I say...

T5M said...

hee hee, I figured I'd offend someone with my car-hatin' blogs one of these days. Hey it's just my worthless opinion (For the record, I am wearing brown striped socks with mint-green, high-heel patterned pajama bottoms that are total floods). I'm a fashion catastrophe, what do I know about fancy car style? Nada. Truth be told, my ideal car would be a wood-paneled wagoneer.

...the rental agent did tell Dirt that the interior was very roomy.