Friday, November 14, 2008

Identity Crisis

Lately I’ve been thinking about revamping my blog. There are a few things I would have done differently, “if only I knew then what I know now”.

The name: When I first started web logging (before blogging), I had a website called “the4moores”. Kind of catchy, huh? …until I became pregnant with #3. At that point, my options were to divorce Dirt or ditch my old web name. Soooo...just after Maya was born, my current blog, “the5moores” was also born. Since “the5moores” didn’t have the same rhyming appeal, I abbreviated it as “t5m”. The problem is that “t5m” doesn’t really make sense; it just looks like some random characters thrown together. Don’t get me wrong, I love t5m, I’ve become attached to it over the years. It’s like the Nike swoosh for our family. But the other problem with t5m is that there is no room for growth. What if we adopt? Will we change to t6m? This is getting out of hand.

My identity: I also didn’t take into consideration the fact that t5m would become my identity. I guess this is okay… [casting downward, hands in pockets, kicking sand onto sneakers], …but can’t I have my own identity? I know I’m sort of the spokesperson for our family, but t5m is really who we are, not who I am.

Anonymity: I’m quite certain that I have already ruined any chance our kids might have to run for public office someday. I can’t help but think that it’ll be better for them if I remove our last name from this site, just in case.

So as we approach the new year I am thinking that a change is in order. Over the last few days I’ve been trying to think up a new “handle” or blog name for myself, but I'm really struggling with it. Maybe I don't know who I am? Yesterday I asked the kids, “if you had to give me a nickname, what would it be?”. The answers:

Amelle: Poop
Avery: Poop Momma

So, I’m definitely still open to any suggestions you might have. I'm not really set on "Poop Momma" (though without divulging TMI about my children’s gastrointestinal habits, I can say that it would actually be an appropriate title for me, at least on some days).

Poop Momma (hey, just trying it out)


K-Sea said...

I like poop momma. I went through the same struggles when went from the Casey 5 to the Casey 6. It didn't have that same Je ne sais quoi. So after many months of trying different things we settled on "The K-Seas" which is a play on our last name as well as the name of my boat that I will have sometime after 2025.

MaineMom said...

I think you first need to stop posting a new blog every day. No wonder I can't keep up!

Secondly, I thought Mr. K-Sea already had a boat? Ya know, the one that looks eerily similar to the boats in the kiddie section of Canobie Lake Park, minus the annoying little bell in front?

Grandma said...

How about "Door Slammer" or "The Last Word" or Hit Him Over the Head with a Frying Pan Momma! Opps, I forgot, you are now a mature adult. I just had a senior moment and thought about your daily habits about 18 years ago.

Audra said...

um no to poop momma.... but I love a good rebranding!
how about Erin's Excrement - play on poop but it sounds more refined and has alliteration

MaineMom said...

How about MooreLove? Or BusyMom? That suits you!


Jenn said...

I have no advice. I don't consider blog-names to be my strong suit. But this post was hilarious!

And thanks for visiting MY blog!

T5M said...

I have thought about "straightAs" - cause my kids names all begin with A and well, let's face it, I have in the past, had some neurotic behavior about my grades.

...even if I adopt, I could probably come up with one more decent A name.

but again, that doesn't give me an identity, unless I'm a type A personality (which I could very well be).

Oh decisions decisions...

MaineMom said...

What about:

Picture Mom
Auntie Camera (self named)
Camera Queen
Picture Perfect?

I like the last are into photography and you are a perfectionist...

I shall call you PP for short..

T5M said...

I don't have enough self confidence to carry a name that has the word "Perfect" in it.

I love that you have made it your personal mission to come up with names. You e-mail me ideas, call me with ideas, and blog ideas.

I love you.

Oh, that's a good one, LoveWendy.