Monday, November 03, 2008

A New Twist on the Pinata

Amaya's birthday is the day after Halloween, which makes pinatas very unappealing.

I mean, kids don't go crazy diving for dirty candy when they have a huge sack of it at home.

Well, I don't know, maybe they do, afterall, it is candy and they are kids, but as a parent, I try to figure out how to cleverly get rid of all the Halloween candy, the last thing I want to do is add to the booty (and I mean that in more than one way).

So I decided to have donuts on a string this year, it's kind of a fall fair activity and it's a blast for the kids and huge entertainment for the (demented) parents.

..and even more fun when you use powdered donuts

So much fun that I think I may replace the pinata with various food-on-a-string contests. Next birthday maybe we'll do glazed donuts (ewww!), or maybe jelly donuts (ick!), or maybe something not donuty at all, like a slice of pizza or a hot dog (oh no..that's sick...make the visual go away) find a happy place, find a happy place....butterflies...rainbows.
Okay, I think I'm all better now.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

"make that visual go away" crack me up :-) i needed that on monday morning!

MaineMom said...

Oh, I LOVE the hot dog idea!! Too funny...the whole thing was great.

Pinatas are the worst, aren't they? First of all, they are way overpriced - hello? An empty cardboard box with some tissue paper basically...

Secondly, the kids don't need that much much of it gets wasted.

I know..I know..the kids love hitting the darn things. I'm such a grinch in my old age!

T5M said...

Is that a hot dog on your upper lip?

MaineMom said...

Why yes, that is a hot dog on my lip...actually it's another kind of meat - corn beef! (Is it corn beef or corned beef?)

Shaun said let's do the hot dog idea..he said, "We just can't tape it, photograph it or even acknowledge that it happened."

Maybe this weekend??

K-Sea said...

Mainemom stole my comment-Great pictures!

Audra said...

You can't do Pinatas b/c Shaun threatens to "knock it all the way to 95"

MaineMom said...

I just thought of an idea that will appeal to Jermaine - hang fish!!

Lo said...

alright. this post? TOTALLY makes me love you. doughnuts on a string?? how cool are YOU???