Saturday, November 08, 2008

Philly Girl

Learning to eat a Philly Cheesesteak* is a rite of passage for every Philadelphian toddler.

Even though she's a Mainer now, she's Philadelphian by birth, and since she just turned three, she's now old enough to get her own cheesesteak*

plus, I think Dirt is tired of sharing bites of his

Ever wonder why "bite" isn't spelled "bight"?

Watching a toddler eat can be fun cause they are so uncensored. I'd personally love to stick four of my fingers into the ketchup and swirl them around like fingerpaint and then raise them to my mouth and stick all four fingers inside while sucking off all of the sugary sweetness until they come out perfectly clean.

*Translation for New Englanders: Cheesesteak = Steak and Cheese.
Happy Saturday!


MaineMom said...

I think we can figure out what a cheese steak is, but if you had said "hoagie," faggadaboutit.

My question, does she have any sweat pants yet?

T5M said...

This is technically a "cheesesteak hoagie", the lettuce, tomatoe, & mayo makes it so.

Dirt's standard order:
Cheesesteak hoagie with fried onions, ketchup and (of course) extra mayo.

Sweatpants...let me check... Okay, right now she's in fleece pajama pants from LL Bean and last night's shirt (same one as in these pictures). I'd call that wardrobe half "Maine" and half "dirty people".

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

so cute! she'll have to get a real one next time you guys come down :-)

Grandma said...

Who made the Philly Cheesesteak in Maine?

Too stinkin cute!

Lo said...

oh lordy, your lil girl is the CUTEST THING EV-AR. oh mah gawd! i just want to.. to... i don't know what, but oh goodness, i just got a whole bunch of happy just looking at her sheer joy and love of all that is the holy cheesesteak.

and i got a little jealous. hey. i'm human too. (i. love. cheesesteak.)