Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Show Must Go On...

Don'tcha just hate it when kids do stuff that you can't do?

Like picking up snakes and letting them wrap around their wrists, or wearing the same underwear for four days, or doing cartwheels without a sudden onset of vertigo, or... performing in back to back plays where you have to sing and dance and run up and down stairs and theatre staging for an hour in front of an audience LESS THAN 12 HOURS AFTER BEING UP ALL NIGHT WITH A FLU that had your insides exiting through unnatural means.

I should back up and say that my niece, Joelle, is the family actress. See (above) how her expression leads you to believe that they were holding up that humongous boulder? (notice the other two aren't so believable, Avery looks like he's about to fall asleep and Mina looks like she's in a beauty pageant), but not my girl Joelle, she's all in.

So last night as I watched her rock it in School House Rock and got a little vehclempt as she began her first solo. I think it was her commitment that got me. I'm proud of her dedication, I don't know of many 11 year olds who would so willingly sacrifice birthday parties and family outings for the sake of the theatre. I have never heard her whine or complain about missing out on these activities. Either I'm overestimating the amount of fun we have that she's missing, or she's an extraordinarily responsible child, and my hunch is the latter.


K-Sea said...

She was amazing. She looked so sick in the morning. I struggled with even allowing her to go. I thought for sure she wouldn't want to go. Even as I sat up with her at 2:20 a.m. rubbing her back while she was throwing up all she could say is "I can't miss the show".

In the morning I dropped her off at the Rep with some Gatorade and a few Powerbars. I was relieved when she called after the first show and said it went great.

If it were me I would still be in bed!

Dionne said...

my first time here, via a comment you left somewhere else... you are brilliant darlin'... just brilliant. can't wait to come back!

Grandma said...

Joelle makes a Grandmother proud. She trully is committed to her performances and the best part about it is that she is having FUN.