Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Baby's First Haircut (Part II)

On Sunday, after spending 2 hours washing and combing Maya's hair we decided to do it. Not that it was a rash decision, because it wasn't. I've been working up the nerve to get this done for several months.

It's just unnatural and unnecessary for a just-turned 3-year old to have this much hair.

It makes her life hell, it makes our life hell. Nobody wins.

The problem is that my mother-in-law is going to force Dirt to divorce me for this, and as I've mentioned before, I really kinda like him. You may not know this about my MIL, but she has always dreamt of having granddaughters who could use their own hair as trains for their wedding dresses some day. And with each snip of the scissor, that dream is stolen from her.

...and I'm the thief (even though this was all Dirt's idea).

I'm sorry, but we're better off this way, and Maya was very pleased with her new look.
Oh, and here's Part I.


K-Sea said...

No matter what she looks cute either way.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

you crack me up!! a hair train at their wedding...too funny!
every time i look at amaya's incredible hair i have to laugh at God's sense of humor...how you were hoping for a boy so you wouldn't have to deal with the crazy locks again...then He goes and blesses you with another girl with even MORE hair!
did you donate it? if so, they're a lucky person that gets that wig!

T5M said...

Can't donate baby-hair. Plus, we didn't get 10 inches cut off. Believe it or not, her hair is still pretty long.

Yeah, I remember not wanting another "hair" - God is funny. She came out with a full head of the stuff and it just kept growing and growing from there. At 6 months I could make THREE pigtails! THREE!

MaineMom said...

She looks cute!! It's funny to read the post about Amelle's first hair cut. Looking at those pictures, it doesn't even seem like she got any hair cut off!!

joelle said...

She looked cute then, and she is the same now (maybe a little cuter?) She looked so terrified in the chair though! Good be being brave Amaya, your a smart cookie!!

DanThoms said...

Wow, I can only imagine what it would be like to brush your poor child's hair every morning. As lovely as it was I'm sure she'll be very happy with not having to deal with the ordeal of your brushing her long curly hair.

Grandma said...

Love it! Her abundance of hair did not fit her little body. Now she looks her hair belongs to her. She is so darn cute. Did I detect an attitude in the hairdresser's chair?