Thursday, December 04, 2008

Before & During

My mother-in-law and I have a great time laughing about our behavior when Avery was born. Embarasssssing.
Let's just say that we were "blinded by love". But we weren't blind in a way that were aware of our handicap, we were just kinda blind and ignorant. When Avery was born, we both thought that he was the most insanely handsome baby that we had ever laid eyes on. I don't know why we didn't see the crossed eyes, or the big floppy ears, or the weird shaped head, or the feet that flipped up the wrong way (toes towards knees). All the signs were there that maybe he wasn't superbaby, but we didn't see any of them.
Unfortunately we took our adoration one step further by proudly displaying photographs of him to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers (oh, our poor co-workers), mail carriers, wait staff, airline attendants, anyone with eyeballs and a pulse. I will say that my MIL was far worse than I was. Being "the mother", I had to show some restraint, but the grandmother can get away with going all out with her adoration, and she did. "Isn't he the cutest thing ever?" She would rhetorically ask (everyone). She also begrudged anyone who didn't express his cuteness to her on their own volition. She considered such people both rude and jealous.

I mean, obviously they were jealous, who wouldn't be jealous of such an adorable

Okay, let me just pause here before I get in trouble. I'm the mother and someday the kids will grow to be adults and there is a chance that they may read all these blog posts (I shudder at the thought). So let me just make the following disclaimer: all of my children outgrew their infantile disfigurement and now flourish as lovely, normal children (I think).

The cross eyes seemed to work themselves out, he grew into his ears, his head got covered up with hair, and his feet grew in the correct direction (thanks to my MIL who made it her life mission to rub them downward).

Nineteen months later God blessed us with an exquisite baby. Amelle was a beautiful baby. I'm not bragging, it's a fact. And I can say that because I don't have anything to do with putting babies together, that's God's job. I'm just the oven that cooks them for 9 months; I couldn't even control the gender, let alone the aesthetics. Maybe God felt bad about the first one, I really don't know.

Then there was Amaya. There was a slight malfunction during the c-section with Maya, something about the spinal wearing off and me feeling the incision, and baby coming out not crying, and something isn't right, and knock the mother out, and take the baby to NICU, and Dirt feeling helpless cause his wife just had a baby and she's out cold and the baby has been rushed off to NICU.

I didn't actually see Amaya until she was 24 hours old, but Dirt brought me a picture of her from NICU. That photograph tormented me in my darkest most painful hours. I think my reaction to seeing the (below) photo went something like, "Oh. Are you sure this one is ours, she doesn't look like ours". Inside I was resisting the urge to name her "Monchichi".

I'm sure it was the drugs talking, I mean, I was on some heavy duty stuff and what kind of a mother would see her little baby all wired up and think, "boy, this one is kinda freaky looking". When I finally met her the next day and held her in my arms, I remember telling Dirt that she wasn't so bad. (I'm laughing out loud as I type because it's such an awful thought).

However, as you can see, the story ends well. She turned out to be a cutie-patootie. I think. I mean, after the Avery incident of 99, I can't trust my perceptions.


Lo said...


and also? your children are so beautiful and so lovely

and most of all blessed to have you as a mother.

MaineMom said...

I laughed out loud on this one...poor Avery...he's so stinkin' handsome now. All your kids are beauties...and personally, I thought the monchichi was your cutest baby (minus all the fur).

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i'm laughing out loud!! the pictures and what you had to write...too much!! a monchichi...that's great! it's neat to see they way they've changed through the years...they've been cute in their own little way at each point :-)
(i think amelle was the funniest one...around the time she was one..doing that monster walk, i'll never forget that!)

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

Poor Co-Workers is right! I was there through two of your adorable kids and I spent more time with Avery than with Amelle (or was it Ava or Amel?) how many times did you change that Birth Certificate?LOL. Every parent is proud of their kids how else would we have all built confidence. Every child is a blessing in their own right.

joelle said...

Every one of them looked the same as they were a baby! I bet Amelle & Amaya will follow in Avery's footsteps like running for student council, getting good grades, and just being a GREAT kids! (They already are!)

Grandma said...

I really thought that they were cute right from the beginning, however, Sylvia wasn't sane during that Avery period.