Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big Sisters and Red Noses

I wasn't blessed with an older sister growing up, but if I had been, I hope that she would've been just like Amelle.

Today we had our second snow storm in as many days. The kids were outside early. Sledding is all the rage in March, not so much. It was COLD out, maybe 15 degrees, which meant that I watched from the back window. I suppose a better mother would've gotten bundled up and gone out there with her baby, but I think we've already established that I'm not "a better mother".

I couldn't hear exactly what was going on, but I do know my kids and I can tell you how this sequence of events unfolded:

Amelle tries to get on the sled with Maya so that they can go down the hill together. The boys could care less about the girls, they're trying to race.
Maya throws Amelle off the sled and tells her to go fly a kite, while she sleds "all by herself" (three year olds are famous for the "all by myself" routine). Can you see Maya trying to push Amelle off the sled?

Amelle obediently gets off the sled and then kindly gives Maya a push down the hill. Maya instinctively implements and up-side-down luge technique and tucks her head down for optimum speed.

When she reaches the bottom of the hill she waits for a moment, to ensure that the ride has indeed ended, and she pops her head up to see how far she's gone.

She rolls over and looks up the long hill. It's "Heartbreak hill" on a cold, snowy day. She begins to sob.

Big sister hears the distress..

...and rushes to the scene. (mother continues taking pictures from inside warm house)

She carries Maya's sled and holds her hand through the knee-deep snow, up Heartbreak Hill. The boys consider the girls an obstacle for their sledding enjoyment, and giggle as they swerve to "just miss" them.

Once the girls arrive at the top of the hill, the sequence repeats until cheeks get too red, or something becomes numb on somebody.

As I type, it's still snowing heavily and it's not expected to stop any time soon. This storm may yield 8-20 inches, on top of the 12 we got on Friday.

A white Christmas looks to be imminent.


MaineMom said...

Amelle loves playing "Mommy" doesn't she? I was never a good big sister like she is. I once told Jill there were grasshopper eyes in meatloaf. Yup. I wasn't nice.

Graham Fam said...

Um, yes, having an older sister isn't always a blessing, as I had to learn growing up. I was terrified of meatloaf growing up (and still am a little...)

T5M said...

She may've been doing you a favor, meatloaf is scary.

Wasn't there an incident where she made you eat "lemonade snow"?

..hey, at least you aren't wearing braces at 36 because of her!

MaineMom said...

Lemonade snow? No, but I wish I had thought of that...

Although there was an incident involving her peeing in the grass...

I think she's resolved it through years of aggressive therapy.

joelle said...

Awwww.....I wish I could've been there!! We had a pretty good sledding hill here though!

Audra said...

SERIOUSLY Being the oldes sister sucks sucks sucks
Can i use that word on this blog?

ChurchPunkMom said...

awe!! how sweet!

i also was not blessed with a big sis growing up. My girls are 1 and almost 3 now and i'm already a little jealous of their bond. ;)

i can see the same scenario played out by my own children! too cute.