Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Christmas Parade that wasn't

Joelle was playing the clarinet in the Christmas parade today. So the whole family decided to pack up (hot cocoa), bundle up (for the 20 degree elements) and head out to watch her.

Shaun decided that we ought to leave a little bit later and catch the parade at the end, that way we'd already be at the end of the parade to watch the finale (a final band song and the lighting of the glorious town Christmas tree).

We caught the end of the parade alright. Here we are scurrying to the finish line as Santa, the last car, passed by in front of us, followed by "regular traffic".

It's all good though, because we were able to catch the finale. Here's Joelle really playing the clarinet. I say "really playing" because when I played the clarinet, I just faked it.

Like the girl in the aqua here. I never played a note. I just hummed into the mouthpiece along with the melody of whatever we were suppose to be playing. It's been my secret all these years, but I'm letting it out now.

I like this girl. There's just something about her that I can really relate to.

Oh, and here's the man of the hour. Santa Claus. Or, "Sam". Amelle told me that his name is actually "Sam", she overheard someone say, "Hey Sam, it's time to light the tree". Everyone knows that Santa's helpers do the local events.

Here's Wendy pouring hot cocoa for the kids. She is very generous with the marshmallows, isn't she? I love that about her.

And no small town Christmas event would be complete without one of these: a man dressed up in a slipcover. He may've been a wise man on the nativity float (he sort of emanates wisdom), or perhaps he was an ambassador from another planet who came down to wish the earthlings of the seacoast region "good tidings. I can't be sure.

And here's a gratuitous cute baby shot. Hi Beckett, you little cutie pie. I'm sure this kid will never recognize me when he's older because he's never seen my face without a camera plastered up to it. He probably thinks that I'm some sort of cyclops robot lady.


MaineMom said...

Wasn't the tree lighting beautiful? Ready...set...go....just the bottom one string on a tree that almost reaches the sky lights up...

Laughter abounds...

Then, they finally light the other two strings of lights...

Kittery needs to find it in their budget for some Christmas lights...I digress...

Even though we missed the actual "parade" it was still a good time with everyone!

MaineMom said...

P.S. I played the flute and always faked it as well...there...I said it.

P.P.S. Oh, and Lo, I'm first!!

Grandma said...

The things a mother finds out when their children turn thirty-something!

Why did I buy you that flute anyway? Then you left it at school and never took it back home. I couldn't even re-sell it to get back some of the money I shouldn't have spent in the beginning. (Does that make sense)!

So the parade was a little weak. It was still fun being with the family and the kids didn't mind.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

looks like fun, even if it wasn't quite what you expected! that picture of beckett is great!