Monday, December 01, 2008

Extreme Multi-tasking

Last week, while trying to floss my teeth and drive at the same time I got thinking about multi-tasking.

We all multi-task. People say that woman do it more often and more effectively than men. I don't know...Dirt can watch television and watch the kids simultaneously. I've also known my brother to mow the lawn and listen to his ipod at the same time. Both very impressive displays of male multi-tasking.
But do you ever engage in extreme multi-tasking? I mean, three or more things going on at once. For example: helping kids with homework, cooking dinner, catching up on e-mail, and oh, I don't know....scrubbing a spot off of your kitchen floor with your big toe.
Am I the only one who regularly brings my laptop into the bathroom with me? I e-mail and take calls while I bath Maya (she does most of the bathing, I'm just kinda in there to make sure she stays on the right side of the water....oh, and in case grandmas are reading, worry not - all electronics are kept at a safe distance from the tub). Phones calls? Forgetaboutit! I get so much done while I'm on the phone! If it weren't for the telephone, my SS appliances would have more fingerprints than the FBI.
However, when you multitask regularly, there are bound to be mishaps. For example, when I'm on a conference call and all of the sudden I hear someone say, "What do you think, Erin?", and I have no idea what is being discussed because I've been reading e-mail for 40 minutes, and then I have to come up with some ambiguous reply, like.."yeah.....I don't know...I tend to agree", which never seems to make any sense in the context of the discussion. I can't even tell you the number of things that I've inadvertently agreed to during these meetings. Oiy.
Don't you think that the majority of motor vehicle accidents are directly related to multi-tasking? I mean, raise your hand if you're guilty of trying to text (send or receive) while driving. (For the record, I am not raising my hand, cause I'm typing ...and even if I could perform such a feat, I wouldn't, because I swear on my cat's right paw that I have never engaged in such a dangerous and reckless activity.) What's that you say? I don't have a cat?
Anyway, make me feel better about almost veering off the road last week while trying to floss, drive, and think (for the record, I'm not sure if it was the flossing or the thinking that got me off track). Share your multi-tasking mishaps, or the most tasks you've juggled at once, or any tips you have for routine daily activities (that don't include driving) that can be multi-tasked.
Go ahead, it's Monday - live crazy.


The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

Extreme Multi-Tasking is an understatement. I sit every day with Three monitor screens and no less than 20 items open! Taking calls on both desk and cell phone, while IM'ng someone in the building and checking my email on my phone!Yes, Even my cell phone multi-tasks!

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

You read my last post...yeah....Oh and I text and pee at the same time. Gross I know.

Lo said...

sigh... i am so guilty of the texting-while-driving thing. i don't know why i do it, buti do. or driving while i'm talking on the phone and the other hand is my drink that i'm currently drinking and im driving with my knee? yeah i totally may or may not be guilty of that. i multi-task alllll the time. at work i do like 4 things at once- type, update my blog/read blogs, answer client calls and do 'regular' work.

Grandma said...

What if you were thirty-something and lived in the seventies. How could you multi-task without electronics. Well, I did!

How about talking on a land line phone (what are cell phones), doing dishes (what are electric dishwashers) looking out the window to see if the kids are OK and Oh yes, doing Kegels all at once.

Wow, those were the days!

K-Sea said...

I am not sure I can comment after reading moms comment. In fact I am not sure I can come back to this blog out of fear I may read something like that again. And who are these other people? :-)

Grandma said...

Shaun, you can read Erin's blog, just not my comments....apparently, you know nothing about kegels!

MaineMom said...

Grandma, that was a good one! Kegels..ha ha...

When am I NOT multi-tasking? I multi-task in my sleep...