Sunday, December 07, 2008

First Snow

Today we woke up to snowflakes falling from the sky

They were lazy snowflakes. The kind that fall because they have nothing better to do. Perfect snowflakes to fall all day on Sunday.

Because they'll be gone by Monday when we really have to leave the house.

We played Christmas music all day and decorated the house. The snow was perfect for that too.

Oh, and don't tell my mother-in-law about the footprints in the snow.

That won't go over well with her. Not at all.
(it was Dirt's idea to allow her to do it)


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i thought i saw toe prints and not shoe prints! crazy little girl :-)

MaineMom said...

I'm looking up DSS right now...

That snow was glorious for decorating, wasn't it?

Grandma said...

I'm calling Sylvia!

joelle said...

We decorated our house too! It was cold but fun! Have you guys got your Christmas Tree yet?