Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I wanna know...

There are a few questions that I'd really like to know the answer to.

1. What's the one (not so obvious) thing, you know for sure is in your kitchen junk drawer?

2. What's the right number of presents for a kid to have under the tree?

3. Who do you like better, Run or DMC?

4. Why do e-cards stink so bad? The sentiment is there, and some of them are really cute....but something about receiving one leaves me feeling empty. Am I alone here?

5. (For church goers) When you're in church, and the pastor tells you to turn to a passage, do you secretly race the people around you to get to the page first, as sort of a silent sign of your bible prowess? 'cause I sure don't, I was just wondering if you did.

Alternate #5 (for the non-church goers): What do you think hell is going to feel like? No, no, I'm just kidding. Here's my real question: Do the elves at Santa's workshop make electronics and technology gifts, like ipods and laptops, or do they only make simplistic toys like dolls and trains?


The Gawel's said...

Here is one that I have been pondering---If you do not believe in Jesus, why do you celebrate CHRISTmas? Just wondering!!!

We miss you guys as well! Althogh I think I would rather be here instead of Maine. You guys have had some bad storms.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

1. junk drawer-lots of random keys that open i have no idea what!

2. presents- six, one or two big ones and then little things wrapped up.

3. run...i like his show on MTV...he cracks me up!

4. e-cards- i can't agree more...i got a couple of christmas cards that way...kind of makes you feel like they were too busy to send you a real card!

5. seth and i race sometimes! i guess all those "sword drills" in elementary school filled that need to race everyone else :-)

TheKeyRing said...

Okay, here you go --
1. Junk drawer has junk. Varying degrees of junk because when the kids clean the kitchen you never know what they will throw in there.
2. As I previously stated -- 3 gifts, plus stocking (although this year we have 4, plus 4 boxes of "family gift") -- 3 is always my target though.
4. Not a fan of e-cards and (sorry if I offend) don't much care for gifts cards (for Christmas), either. To me gift cards say "checked you off my list" and involve no thought. If you don't care enough to put thought into the gift, don't bother.
5. Race -- I race to find the hymn, too. It's stupid, I know.

MaineMom said...

#1)I have scissors in my junk drawer, this I know.

#2)It depends on how good you are as to how many presents each child gets...like duh!


#4)e-cards? Noncommittal on this one

#5)Last Sunday, when I was in church I totally raced to the hymn my pastor asked us to go to. I totally beat the old lady next to me. I'm totally lying. Hell is going to be nice and toasty warm. I'll be with lots of friends!

P.S. I'm refraining from Nicky's comment about celebrating CHRISTmas. When they come up with another name for us "heathens" I'll use that one. There are many beliefs in this world. Let's just all get along...Amen.

Lo said...

aahhh!!!! omahgoodness these pictures... AAHH!! the cuteness is killing me!! gosh i love that hair. i LOVE that HAIR!

ahem. okay. on to the show- as for The Gawel's question about those who do not believe in Jesus but celebrate christmas anyway- cuz everyone gets a day off work for christmas, and not everyone believes, so we celebrate, bc the lights are super pretty and the united states pretty much makes sure most people have the day off anyway. (oh i also am not a hethen, i just don't attend church regularly!)

ahem. 1- i have a wall hook shaped like an elephant in my junk drawer. also? this weird trivia stocking stuffer electronic game. and a bendy giraffe.

2- i have no idea how to answer this, as i have no children. but. i was an only child and i'm afraid to tell you how many presents i had under the tree cuz i think i'd get pushed. not really. cuz you don't push. but still. an evil glare.

3- REV RUN!!!!!!

4-ecards are lameo, except for www.someecards.com cuz those are just hi-larious and snarky.

Jermaine said...
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Dirt said...

1. Flashlight, batteries, candles, old camera, etc. It is filled. Interesting how every house has one. It is definitely some sort of phenomenon. Is it natural or a learned behavior?

2. As a parent (and the one that handles the finances), I like the 6 idea that Nancy suggested. Although, I was an only child as well so 6 would have sucked for me. My mom used to hook me up!

3. DMC of course. He was the better rapper. He was also more laid back so that kind of fit me as a child. He never got enough credit. Who's House? DMC's house!

4. e-card is a synonym for lazy. I am surprised I don't send them out. What does it say about a person if they are are too lazy to send out an e-card? hmm.

5. Not really. I just don't want to be the last one...or the one that has to look at his neighbor and ask where it is. I have the whole bible memorized anyway so this doesn't really apply to me.

Audra said...

1. I actually don't have a junk drawer - we are minimalists
2. 10
3. Run
4. People still love to recieve and hold mail - even though the RECYCLE it after. e-cards just aren't good.
5. We don't have Bibles in the pews in our church so no... but we are hoping to get them for next year!

T5M said...

um, Audra, you can bring your own bible to church.


Aaron said...

1 junk drawer....scissors....there's tons of other junk in there....but when I need scissors that's where I go.

2. presents...4 or 5 but then a bunch of small stuff in stockings.

3. It's obvious. Rev. Run. Cause he's the Rev.

4. I really don't like e-cards. It has to be drop down on the ground laughing funny to be worth it at all. I honestly fine very little sentiment actually. Basically someone forgot until now to send a card so they did the easy thing and went online.

5. Honestly no. However I do love a good Bible drill race....just not during Sunday worship.

Audra said...

You are correct! I could bring my own bible to church but I still wouldn't have anyone to race...

Blue Stater said...

"What do you think hell is going to feel like?"

I don't know. Falwell or Heston could probably tell you.

DanThoms said...

1. Junk drawer, I have an entire junk wing of the house.

2.Huh, maybe 10.

3. I don't know who I like better but your kid looks gangsta in that shirt :)

4. I don't like e-cards because they are free and require no real effort to send.

5. If I have my Bible with me at church you better bet that I will be racing. I'm pretty fast.