Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Your Favorite Christmas Gift?

Remember when you were 10 and you couldn't wait to get on the horn with your friends to compare notes about Christmas gifts?

Let's be 10 today.

No theology allowed today, let's just be worldy for a minute and talk straight about our favorite Christmas presents.

These boots are Amelle's favorite Christmas gift. When she opened them she might have believed, if even for a split second, that she had died and gone to Heaven, cause we all know that only Heaven has 2-inch heeled size two boots, which a certain mother has repeatedly said are too high for 7 year olds. ...and which a certain 7 year old has cried over, in the middle of Target because her mother is the meanest in all the land.

Did you follow that?

What I didn't realize about these boots is that they gave birth to a whole new look for Amelle. Upon receiving them she immediately suggested that I probably wanted her to dress up for Christmas, since it was Jesus' birthday and all, and then disappeared to her room, only to emerge ten minutes later in some funky Punky Brewster ensemble that apparently "went" with the boots.

The following day we found ourselves shopping at the Limited Too, for additional outfits that would be worthy of the boots.

Avery's favorite gift was the XBox 360. Ironically, he received the Xbox 360 last year and traded it in for the Wii (against his father's sage advice). Within the first 24 hours of receiving this gift, he had already used it more than the Wii (which he has now had for an entire year). I have only seen Avery twice since he received this gift a week ago. I'm thinking that we might need to implement some sort of time-allotment system, otherwise, he may grow up into one of those freaky video game people who live in an alternate reality.

Dirt's favorite gift was also the XBox 360. It's installed in our bedroom "for now", Dirt promises to move it to the playroom at some point (probably after we buy a new HD TV). Men are just large boys. Or are boys just small men?

Maya's favorite gift was the laptop that her grandmom bought for Avery and Amelle. She has commandeered it and already mastered all games on Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. And yes, that's a small plastic hot dog in front of her. There are lots of fake food items lingering around the house these days. I keep picking them up and tossing them into the playroom, but they continue to reappear in my zones. I'm one step away from believing that I may actually have to eat them in order to get them to disappear forever.

So, tell me what your favorite gift was..

..or if you don't have one, tell me about a gift that you gave that turned out to be really special to someone else...


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

the boots look adorable! i remember anything with some kind of a heel was a huge deal at that age!
hopefully i'll get a chance to blog sometime tomorrow...just got back from NY and had to finish "christmas" shopping today!

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

I really like Amelle's boots and shamefully I own something similar! So does your 7 yr old have the taste of a 30 yr old or vise versa?? Let's ponder that!

My favorite gift had to be my Cabbage Patch Doll and Table, When I was Amelle's age that was all I wanted and all the rave, I got my International CP Doll and a table that looked like it was made from barrels along with a table umbrella. Now if only we had a deck to put it on! But alas it was NYC, 1985 and we lived in a 4th story apartment!

Audra said...

hahah my blog post yesterday was the same exact - I showed my favorite gift and then asked about everyone elses :)

K-Sea said...

My favorite gift was my shiny new waffle maker,

Grandma said...

My favorite gift was Christmas Eve!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great gifts. I really want a Wii but not sure we would use it enough to justify the purchase. My favorite gift that I gave was 4 self-made (really-me!) no-sew FSU fleece throws for my daughters and their boyfriends. Their reaction was priceless.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Oh and GREAT boots! If we had the weather, I would want a pair just like them.