Friday, January 02, 2009

Ethiopia Update

Wendy and I have been discussing the possibility of traveling to Ethiopia in April. Our hope is to travel with Children’s Hopechest, a Christian-based organization that helps US churches (or other organizations/communities) build longstanding partnerships with communities in Africa and Russia. I fell in love with this concept and am praying that I’ll be able to bring this concept to my church and others. The trip in April is called a “vision trip”. Our mission is to give the sweet children of Ethiopia love and attention. Growing up as 1 out of 4 million orphans doesn’t afford a kid much of this basic human need. What we’ll receive in return, is an adjusted perspective, because I don’t know if you can witness extreme poverty and come back unchanged.

Last night Wendy and I had planned to go out for tea (aka: excuse to get out of the house sans kids). Of all the nearby coffee houses, for some reason, we wound up at the Buck. The nice thing about Starbucks is that they now offer “Product Red” drinks. If you buy one of these special beverages, Starbucks will contribute to the Global Fund. This is great news! I did my part by testing a Mocha Peppermint concoction because it was one of three drinks that are (RED)...and it was a delight! Wendy selfishly ordered a sissy pumpkin spice latte, that was so two months ago, and didn’t contribute to the Global Fund. (She’s a bad person).

I know these two stories don't seem to belong on the same post, but you'll need to trust me here, just keep reading:

I didn’t realize that Wendy had an agenda; she wanted to discuss the trip. Up until this point, we’d only communicated about it via e-mail, so I guess it was time for an actual verbal discussion, one that goes something like this: “Are we really gonna do this?” “Yeah, I think we are.” “Holy poop!” “Yeah, holy poop is right!" "Did you tell your husband?" "Yeah, did you tell yours?" "Yeah" "Um, I'm a little scared." "I’m a little scared too....but not in a way that makes me not want to go." "Oh, yeah, me too".

...but I'm jumping ahead, let's back up a minute:

As the baristas were mixing up my (very noble) and Wendy's (very selfish) drinks, we floated around the sparsely populated Starbucks, looking at half-priced Christmas coffee mugs, photographs of Ethiopian orphans on the wall, and telepathically willing people to get up off the comfortable couch chairs (so that we could sit in them).

Okay, did you just gloss over that, like we did? The Starbucks in Downtown Portsmouth had 8x10 photographs of Ethiopian children displayed all over the wall. They were selling for $50/each, proceeds to benefit Hannah’s Hope orphanage in Ethiopia.

At the time, I guess it didn’t strike me as more that just coincidental, because the trip was the last thing on my mind (I was all-consumed with moving those people off the comfy chairs). At that point, I didn’t know that Wendy had planned to corner me about our trip, so it didn’t dawn on me that maybe, just maybe, God was affirming this whole thing.

When I did finally have my "ah-ha moment", I realized so much more. It was those little affirmations from God that were missing from the adoption process. That’s what I’ve been missing. When God is in something, it can be obvious. He has this way of paving the path for you, and I've experienced this before. That's not to say that everything is perfectly easy, but He shows up along the way. The path for adoption thus far has been a perfect clusterfart (<---sorry, it's the best adjective I could come up with).

Though I can’t understand why my Heavenly Father isn’t giving me what I want right now [arms crossed, lips pouting, foot tapping], I trust that He knows best. I scratch my head and wonder why He wouldn’t want us to adopt right now, adoption seems so Him. I have to believe that He’s not saying "no", but that He’s saying, “not now”.
Stay tuned…the adventure is only beginning…


Lo said...

yippie!!!!!!! okay. we all have to pitch in to get you a blackberry so that you can blog while you're over there.


where do you CHARGE a blackberry in Ethiopia?

hm. this is something for me to research.

i am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!

MaineMom said...

Wait..I cornered you? Was it the whole, "You are probably wondering why I brought you here today.." line?

Why does *Bucks only have three types for the cause? I don't like the three they chose. I know I should just drink one "for the cause", but at $17.99 per latte, I have to go with what I like.

Boy how our adventure ideas have changed!!

Grandma said...

Wendy going to Ethiopia?????? $17.99 for a Drink???????? Oh my gosh, I can barely believe this!

T5M said...

...they aren't exactly $17.99 per drink, they're the same price as all the other Starbucks drinks - $3.50 for a small (I mean "tall").

I think it's really stupid that I have to order a small by calling it a tall, why can't I just say "small", cause that's what it is.

Oiy, don't get me started on Starbucks.

Yeah, our idea of "adventure" sure has changed. Yowzers, we're getting old and all responsible-like.

Grandma said...

Proud of you!

MaineMom said...

Well my dear husband thinks they are $17.99, but what does he know?

Old and steal a line from your momma, EEEK!