Friday, January 16, 2009

Mr. Mom

You may've noticed that I've had a busy week (due to my apparent blog abandonment). It's been one of those weeks where work won the work/life balance battle.

This has resulted in Dirt having to take on more of what is normally the mommy role in our household.
The thing is...Dirt has his own way of "mothering" the kids.
...and these pictures are proof of that.
This is how Dirt watches the kids:

Right here, he's playing XBox Football with Avery. He has no idea what the girls are doing, but he senses that they are close by, and therefore safe.
He also senses that his eyebrows are extremely greasy.

But he won't know why until he checks this blog.

Happy Belated Birthday Baby! You're the best husband and dad ever!


MaineMom said...

Happy Birthday Jermaine! Boy do you look pretty!!

That is absolutely hilarious! Amelle is so having herself a beauty salon when she gets older.

Grandma said...

I was laughing out loud at Jermaine's expense. Proves that Jermaine can be in a zone anywhere!

Really Jermaine, this is worst then singing the "twelve days of Christmas". Next year you get the "5 golden rings". Practice up!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

LOL! Priceless! BTW, I think that's how most men "watch" the children.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

now doesn't he look pretty?! that's too funny!
we're all moved in by the longer philadelphia residents (as of 1/9). looking forward to having you guys come and visit at some point :-)

Denise said...

are the girls waxing his eyebrows??? I'm sure if it was real wax and they ripped it off his attention might turn away from the xbox :)

Jillian and Crew said...

SO FUN!!!!!!