Monday, January 05, 2009

Now We're Having Fun

Amelle was pretty bored over Christmas break. It seemed like she was waiting for some sort of adventure to commence, but it never did. My idea of Christmas break is this: kids get toys on Christmas morning, and then they spend two weeks playing with them. Is that so far fetched?
She would linger at my heels and drone, "I'm booored", to which I would reply, "go clean something".
Amelle has a way of repeating herself mercilessly. It's truly genius. She has found my Achilles heel. Don't tell anyone, but repetition weakens me. Don't tell anyone, but repetition weakens me. It turns out that I'm apt to give in to almost any request after being asked 142 times.
So on Friday, we spent all afternoon doing "her stuff". She decided to spend some of her Christmas money on a manicure & pedicure at AboutFace, and I splurged for hair braiding at Zemari (one of probably one African American beauty salons in NH).
As we headed off to AboutFace, she proclaimed, "Now we're having fun", as though this was the moment she had been waiting for, for nearly two weeks.

It took 45 minutes to braid the front of her hair (the back is not braided). I tried to ignore the intermittent tears that rolled shyly down her cheek while "Sexy" (according to her big gold earrings) tightly braided Amelle's hair. Amelle was pleased with her new hairdo and seemed to forget the pain once she got herself in front of a mirror (Also, thanks to "Sexy", who told me to give her some Children's Advil - which helped to ward off the evening headache).
The folks at AboutFace were also wonderful and even painted a design on Amelle's band-aid. Amelle is such a girly girl, I'm not sure why she wasn't born to a MaryKay Consultant. Poor girl got stuck with the only mother in the world who doesn't wear makeup. Hey, at least I shave my armpits. (Repeat after me: the key to a healthy self esteem is to set the bar low).


The Gawel's said...

She is so beautiful! I love the braids and nails.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

you crack me up...a mary kay consultant :-) i remember you saying even when she was super little that you didn't know where she got it from...she's all about the sparkles and stuff!

MaineMom said... shave your armpits? Since when?

Grandma said...

If you were a REAL Mainer, those armpits would have hair!

Love the picture of Amelle with the dimple. She IS such a girly girl. She is the girly daughter that somehow never happened though I tried!

Audra said...

3.2 is better but in all that light drop your ISO to 400 or 200.

Audra said...

umbut why are these photos titled Jan 20 09?