Monday, January 12, 2009

Tagged! Meme Monday:

This post is brought to you in part by ChurchPunkMom, who tagged me for a little Monday Meme:

Here are the rules:
1. go to your documents/pictures
2. go to your 6th file.
3. go to your 6th picture.
4. blog about it.
5. tag 6 people to do the same.
6. smile (I added a 6th rule, since the theme was sixes, I thought it was appropriate to have a sixth rule).

Okay, so this is a little lame, but at least it's not a picture of Dirt in his underwear (not that I have any of those - ahem).

This picture was taken for my book, Pilot and the Pea Pod. I was going to put together a "special edition" for Avery and Mina, who were my inspiration. This picture reminds me that I still need to do that.

When I get home I'll post the 6th from my home computer, maybe it'll be more exciting, or maybe it'll remind me about something else that has fallen off my to do list.

Update: Here's the 6th picture from my home computer:

Avery showing off his mad crazy dribbling skillz. Mad crazy, I say. (look at that blond kid in the background, his jaw dropped open, like "man how DOES that brother do that"?) OR, perhaps this shot is just me showing off my inadequate photography skillz. Seriously though, you try to take an indoor gymnasium shot of a bunch of 9-year olds running around like lightening, without flash, WITH a 3 year old hanging off your arm. Not that I'm making excuses or anything. Truth be told, I don't know how to get my camera to take this shot. I have about 100 pictures just like this on my computer, and you didn't even know that Avery was playing basketball because all of them are blurry...and not the good kind of blurry, either. You knew about football (outdoors), you knew about baseball (outdoors), sledding (outdoors), donut-eating (outdoors) - but not basketball. I've tried everything to get this shot sans flash. Everything. Audra, any words of photography wisdom for me here (aside from getting Maya to use her dad's arm as a monkey bar while I try to shoot)?

I'm tagging:


Smart Mouth Broad

Have fun ladies, you're "it"!


ChurchPunkMom said...

neat picture! thanks for playing. :)

Megan said...

I have been frustrated forever about how my camera won't let me take a nonblurry picture without the flash inside. And it's not a cheap camera! So if you figure it out, please let me know!

Audra said...

Have you tried this at a 1.8?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great pictures. Thanks for the tag. I posted it tonight.

The Grahams said...

Oooh, the irony of this meme is crazy. Our computer crashed on Sunday and I just spoke with the computer people and I guess it's a goner-- they can't recover anything. So, we lost all our pictures on our computer-- yuck. Wish I could have played :(

MaineMom said...

Homework assignment done!

The Grahams said...

Done and done!