Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2nd Official Ethiopian Adoption Update

..the others were “unofficial”.

So, where did we leave off, ah yes, I remember, it was with this post, in November:

…We actually began filling out the home-study paperwork and attending adoption teleconferences a few months back. When our nation’s economic downturn evolved into an economic crisis, Dirt decided to put the brakes on the adoption thing, citing economic uncertainty as his major concern. He wanted to be more financially prepared for the expense of adoption, as we’ll need to come out of pocket with $25,000 in 10-12 months to complete the process. I just hate it when Dirt is all responsible-like [eyes rolling].

So, we’ve agreed to hold off until February to see how things play out with his current contract…

It’s all coming back to me; I agreed to not bug Dirt about table the whole adoption thing until February. For the most part, I’ve been good about this, unless of course, you consider flooding Dirt’s e-mail box with adoption-related blog posts and articles…as well as an occasional e-mail from Jesus Himself (who occasionally borrows my gmail account to send “signs” to Dirt).

So here we are in February. As Dirt predicted, his contract did end (on Dec 22), so money is still an issue, probably even more so than before. However, never having been one to let a little thing like common sense stop me from doing something, I still believe that adoption is possible for us. I actually view the loss of Dirt’s income as a potential blessing because it may move us into a lower income bracket where we might be able to qualify for the adoption tax credit.

However, finances aside, I don’t think it’s time yet. This is a strange feeling for me because I’m terrible at waiting for things I want, (and let me tell you, I’ve gone from lukewarm to red hot for adoption). I keep getting this sense that I’ll know what to do when I come back from Ethiopia in April. I don’t know what that means, but I trust it.

So, we’re all on hold again, stay tuned for an April update!


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i laughed when i read "a little thing like common sense"...i guess your move up to maine with no job fits into that category, huh? :-)
it will be exciting to see what doors the Lord opens and closes for you guys...i'll be praying for you.

MaineMom said...

I've never found you to be one to push for what you want..


Good Gravy girl you are relentless. Luckily you married a man who has the patience of Job (or it Gob? You know, from Arrested Development, not the Bible).

I think you will have a better "vision" after our adventure.

Lo said...

you've just gotta trust that voice inside you. it knows best. i think your trip to ethiopia is going to open doors and windows and shutters and whole ceilings... giving you outlets/access you weren't privey to before. don't know why i think that, i just do. some things we want so badly, the most important, life-changing things, but we must understand that there is a force out there that is willing us to wait/anticipate/dive head first into a situation and that small... naggling you feel is that voice. trust it. i've found it never leads me wrong... it's so hard to give up(in?) to faith and let yourself be rocked and taken to shore by something greater than yourself. but once you do....

phew. the greatest thing i never knew existed, and yet always knew did.

er, did that make any sense? :)

Lo said...

wait- are you going on a trip to ethiopia? or just planning (plotting) that as your adoption country? confus-ed. :( pout pout

Carole Turner said...

I just e-mailed my congressman and ask him to keep the adoption credit alive. Thanks for the reminder :-)

I am NOT someone you want to hear from because both of our adoptions were completely acted on in faith. For the first I had to trust God for $9000.00 and for the second $19,000.00 and He provided all of it, not early, not late but right on time. If we had waited till we could see where the money was gonna come from, we would still be waiting. SO, common sense may be good but I think life is too short and God is bigger then any amount we think we cant get. He wants orphans to have a home and he makes a way.

Much love :-)

Grandma said...

PUSHY???????????? OH YAH!