Saturday, February 07, 2009


Have you ever done something that you were so ashamed and embarrassed about that you felt like you couldn't tell anyone about it?

...but then you also had this nagging feeling that you should just get it off your chest by confessing it to somebody?

Here goes: last week while in the grocery store with Amelle, she picked out this cereal, "Magic Stars" - obviously our grocery store's generic equivalent to "Lucky Charms". She smiled as she brought forth the box for permission to enter our cart. That's just about the time I suffered my momentary lapse in sound judgement. "Amelle, you might want to get the Lucky Charms, they're probably much better than those". She shook her head. "Yeah, Amelle, I really think you'll like the Lucky Charms better, you don't want the generic brand" (my face was all scrunched up). Amelle whined "Mommmm, yeah, I do". That's when I caught a glimpse, out of the corner of my eye, of another shopper watching this ridiculous exchange.

I was instantly shamed.

I mean really, if the girl wants generic cereal, seriously, what do I care? She only eats those dehydrated marshmallows anyway.

And in these economic times, I should be glad she's being fiscally responsible.

I guess the worst part of all this is that I do buy generic substitutes. And I do believe that in many cases, there is nothing wrong with generic brands. In in one rare case,"Reduced Calorie Syrup" (wow, talk about an oxymoron), I actually prefer generic over the brand name!

But, there are limitations on generics. There are so, so many things that cannot be purchased as a generic:

...and cereal is on that list for me.
So, what's on your list of "acceptable generics" vs. "must have brand names"?


Megan said...

My husband forbids me to buy the generic of peanut butter, cottage cheese, condiments, & pickles!

When I was in high school, my mom didn't believe me that there was a difference in taste between the generic and brand name Raisin Bran, so she actually took the time to disguise the bag of generic in the outer box of the brand name cereal. Of course, I noticed as soon as I started pouring! It even looks less tasty!

The Gawel's said...

Also look at medicine---they are the exact thing as the name brand. In some cases they are even made in the same plant!
BTW love your new twitter profile!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i'm right with you on the mayo and ketchup (we've switched over to hunts instead of heinz)...i usually don't buy generic peanut butter or chocolate chips, either. i do buy generic drugs unless i have a coupon...they're the same thing. i also buy generic granola and chex (when making mounds of muddy buddy).
i missed you today :-( i wish you lived closer so you could've joined in the fun!

Grandma said...

Unlike my daughter, I buy generic ketchup and cereal. In fact, that is about all I buy as far as generics.

We are soooooooooo different!

Erin @ T5M said...


You buy generic pasta too - you left me some when you went back to Florida.

I hate to say this on a PA-read blog, but I also use generic cream cheese (when it's for dips). I buy Philadelphia brand when it's going on bagels - I don't know if there is a taste difference, It's just mental.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

like your pickle dip? i thought that was the craziest combo, but it actually turned out to be pretty good!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I'm with you on the condiments. Have to have brand name. Most other things I'm fine with the store brand.

Anonymous said...

OK -- I have been an annonymous TM5stalker! but when my mother's dip gets mentioned...I have to come out of hiding! :)

I have loved following your blogs - they brighten my days.


Lo said...

uhm yeah, ketchup is one. so is mayo. btw? we totally use the same kinds. heh. also? pickles. MUST be clausen bc generic pickles are pure rubber. seriously. and i just bought Kix yesterday. no generic version of Kix will ever satisfy me. my husband is bad, tho, he says, 'food is the one thing irefuse to feel guilty in buying. i want the best of the best' which includes name-brand jello... in the little cups... instead of me making it. i know. this is why i do the shopping :)

Anonymous said...

"I mean really, if the girl wants generic cereal, seriously, what do I care?"

You shouldn't. It's stupid, because the fact of the matter is that most store brands are made by the same people who make the national brands.

You've been punked if you think one is any different than the other.