Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eight Birthday Candles!

Look how far we've come!

I'm generally not one to show midriff pics of myself, but while I was searching for a birth-day picture of Amelle, I came across this beauty and I thought it would be gasp-worthy. What do you think is stranger about this photograph: the fact that there was only ONE baby in that enormous belly or the fact that I'm standing next to Dirt's Buddhist alter?

I've always liked this picture because it was my first look at Amelle. Plus I like that Dirt can't take his eyes off of his new daughter. I also think it's cool that I can see the doctors in the background stitching my insides up. But the thing that made this picture new to me today was the fact that I had my hair braided like Amelle's hair is braided today.

This is Amelle's first birthday. She wasn't feeling well that day. Amelle thinks she remembers this day, but she doesn't.

And here's my girl - eight years old! Wow.
I love you Amelle!


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

wow! quite the pregnant belly :-)
i remember seeing her one year-old pictures...right after you got stuck in that office with seth for 8 hours a day ;-)

MaineMom said...

I'm pretty sure you were on the phone with me, because I remember you saying, "Here I'm emailing you a picture so you can see how HUGE I am!"

Happy Birthday Amelle! We love you!

-The Casey Half Dozen

The Grahams said...

Aww, what great pics!

Happy Birthday, Amelle!!

Love The Grahams

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Happy Birthday, Amelle! Great pictures, Erin.

Erin @ T5M said...

wow - we've come along way on cordless phone technology as well, haven't we? look at the antenna on that phone! ...I coulda poked someone's eye out with that thing!

...yeah, I was talking to you Wen - you needed to see the belly.

The Gawel's said...

Happy Birthday Amelle!

Grandma said...

Happy Birthday to my girly, girl Amelle.

Love, Grandmom

Lo said...

i will never get over that girls' eyes. SIGH. gasp. exlimation point.

dirt is buddhist??? i spy a gohanzen. hehehehehe. i was raised buddhist! blonde-haired buddhist comin' thru!

happy bday amelie!!!!!!!

Lo said...

uh, please forgive my spazzness when i spelled amelle wrong. oops. that damn movie messed me up.

Dirt said...

Hey Lo,

I was raised Buddhist as well. My mother practiced for more than 20 years. It is crazy that you recognized the gohonzon. But no, I am no longer a buddhist, I became a believer in 2002 and my mother not too long after that. Whenever I give my testimony (how I became a believer), people are always very interested in (and surprised) about my time as a buddhist. My current beliefs are very different than they were 8 years ago. It would be interesting to talk to someone that knows exactly where I am coming from.

Do you still practice?

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

Well I am a little late on this, but, so sorry....
Happy Belated Birthday Amelle!

Goes to show how much time I have. Eight years...boy how time flies! Amelle is absolutely beautiful!

Lo said...

wheee so this is a shout-out to Dirt- no, i am no longer a Buddhist. i was raised Buddhist by both parents, who spent time in Japan and fell in love. neither really practice anymore... but i did practice very thoroughly growing up. i also spent time with every single religion i could get my hands on as a teenager. christian, catholic, mormon, other sects of Buddhism, you name it i studied it. now i'm agnostic bc my faith doesn't really 'fit' anywhere. i'm borderline christian but... some things just don't 'mesh' well with me. does that make any sense??? :) i'm looking for a more liberal church in my area but so far i'm coming up empty-handed and tend to find my faith online. part of the reason i love your family so much :) so generous and uplifting and totally what i look for in a strong faith. i believe in a higher power, just not some of the things in the Bible which is why i don't call myself Christian or Presbyterian... but i do volunteer for many religious organizations. most people are shocked to find out i don't attend church... and that i was raised Buddhist! but i am thankful for it, bc it has opened my eyes and gave me solid core values as a person. sometimes i still chant nom yo ho rengayko, (sp is horrible, yikes!) bc it's familiar and calming.

lordy be why didn't i just email this??? :) it's really super cool that i've found someone who has a similar background!!!!

Jillian and Crew said...

She is beautiful!

(Wondering if you braid her hair?)

*Also to answer your vaccine question, we only got the Heps and Tet booster, we took over medicine(Cypro) for travelor's sickness and over the counter for sinus pressure(elevation!) and IF you have asthma you WILL NEED your inhalors(elevation!) but we did not do all the yellow fever, typhoid, etc...

Mark D said...

She's gorgeous!!! Figured I'd start reading your blog from the beginning of February to present, then backtrack when I'm able.

You have a beautiful family! I was in Dirt's shoes just 13 months ago. :)