Friday, February 13, 2009

Fieldtrip Awesomeness

On Monday Dirt chaperoned Avery's field trip to the NH Capital, State House and museum. I'd like to quickly highlight the two conversations that resulted from that field trip.

Dirt & Erin:
E: How was the field trip today?
D: It was sweet. We went to the State House, we got to meet the Governor, that was pretty cool. He came out and talked to all the kids and shook their hands. There were some really amazing paintings all over. There were also a bunch of Senators hanging around, we got to sit in the area where the State Representatives meet to pass laws. It was a pretty sweet field trip. Then we went to the museum and that was nice - they had a flag from the civil war with a bullet hole through it and blood stains....
(let me just add an editorial reminder here, that I am talking to my 36 year old husband)
E: Yeah - um, how was Avery?
D: He's a cool dude.
E: How many kids did you have in your group?
D: Six
E: How were they?
D: A bunch of geeks

Avery & Erin:
E: So I heard that you had a pretty cool field trip?
A: Yeah, we got to meet the Governor.
E: That's neat.
A: Yeah, he shook our hands and then everyone was running round saying "I'll never wash this hand again"
E: Did you tell them that the Governor is just a regular person?
A: No, I ran around saying "I'll never wash my hand again".

Where have I gone wrong? :-)
Seriously though, I do hope our kids grow up caring more about meeting orphans than meeting governors. I hope they grow up viewing people through God's eyes instead of through the lens of what the world tells us is important.
...and in the meantime, I hope I can grow in that direction too.


MaineMom said...

Oh stop it! You are doing nothing wrong! Avery is a normal child. I think it's cute that they all said that (about not washing hands). You are providing them excellent examples of how we need to take care of one another on this planet, and as the kids grow up, they will follow your lead. No doubt.

Dirt said...

OK...Just some clarification...I wasn't as excited as this post made me out to be but it was a pretty sweet field trip.

Here are some observations from the field:

1. What is better that a field trip for a 4th grader? No school work, bus ride, hanging out with your friends. That is, as long as your teacher doesn't make you do something lame like take notes the whole time. That would suck.

2. School bus rides are fun! Why does that change? Can you imagine a commuter bus with the same awesomeness as a school bus ride for a field trip? It is mayhem. Also, how in the world are there no seat belts on those things? For future reference...It is imperative that you pick a seat without the wheel well. (BTW - We sat on the back of the bus where the cool kids sit)

3. Girls are definitely more mature than boys in 4th grade. Most of the boys are dorks, nerds, or geeks (and I don't mean that in a derogatory way). They just are. Every time they talked, I kept picturing the scene in the movie where the guy yelled "NERDS!". I am biased, but I have to say Avery is probably the coolest of the bunch. Although he does have a little bit of dork in him. Or maybe it is just silliness. It was neat seeing him interact with all his classmates. I am also convinced that your 4th grade personality is the one you will have for the rest of your life. Avery is going to own that school in 8 years.

4. Boys aren't very interested in girls in 4th grade. The only time boys interacted with the girls was when they asked them to get the attention of another boy in a different part of the bus. Boys and girls stay separate pretty much the whole time.

5. Seeing government in action was interesting. You quickly realize that the people in government are no different than anyone else you know. They just have a different job. Everyone knows this but it was nice to be reminded.

6. Leaving my lunch in my truck was a bad idea. I was tempted to bully some of the kids for their lunch. Who could have stopped me? I reconsidered when I spotted a deli close by. I got a coffee and a bag of doritos (the lunch of champions).

7. I am not sure if I am a good chaperone. Although I am sure I was the coolest (just kidding!). I pretty much let the kids do what they want except get in harms way. They're were a couple parents that basically were an extension of the teacher. Sucked to be in their group! Although, I did do better this time than the last time when the only child I paid attention to was my own.

8. If you ever get the chance, chaperone a field trip with your child. It means the world to kids. They swell up with pride when they see you walking in. It is almost like a public declaration of your love for them. I think even more so for dads.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

You have to admit it is pretty cool to meet the Governor. I loved hearing Dirt's perspective.

Grandma said...

Erin, give me a break. You need a scolding from your mother. You haven't done anything least regarding the way you are bringing up your children. Give them a break and let them be kids with some good people to look up to.

Erin @ T5M said...

Politicians aren't exactly good role models.

Grandma said...

Your right! However, there are some good people in every walk of life and some very bad.