Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh No, Look Who's 4-0!

Dear Shaun,

Know what's crazy about today? I vividly remember when mom turned forty. In fact, I put a huge sign on the garage that said, "Oh no! Look who's 4-0". I don't think that sign was warmly received by the birthday girl; she removed it immediately. And today, you're forty. Nuts!

It's so surreal to me. Insane really. Mostly because it means that in 3 1/2 years, I'll be forty and that just seems downright impossible.

So forty years on this earth is probably a good time to stop and reflect a little bit, sort of assess where you're at and if you're heading in the right direction.

Let's have four beautiful children, one for each decade of your life. I guess it's time to start working on the fifth, huh? You have a stunning wife, a beautiful home, a great job, a close knit family, no noticable bald spots, and a really awesome candy apple red Porche (oh, sorry, that's at 50) have a great mini-van.

You are an awesome brother and family man. Your presence is a comfort to me, you remind me of dad in so many ways and I can't tell you the number of times I've quietly smiled to myself because of that. Sometimes I scratch my head in amazement because I don't know how two people born and raised by the same parents could be so completely different, but somehow it works and I truly feel blessed that you're my brother. I can sincerely say that I couldn't have asked for a better sibling (even though you ruined my Michael Jackson scrapbook when I was 12, and you made me ride in the back seat of your car when you first got your license because you were ashamed to be seen with me (you even made me duck once), and you use to charge me $5 to drive me and my friends to the mall because you said my friends were so fat they caused your car to get poor gas mileage, and...well, all that's behind us now, isn't it).

Happy birthday, Bro.

I love you.


The Grahams said...

I LOVE that you included the bathtub picture!!

Happy Birthday Shaun!

MaineMom said...

The last part made me laugh (and the rap song, "Shelby" popped into my head).

Really, the most truthful part of this blog is the "stunning wife."

That really is very true.

Happy Birthday to my geriatric husband. In twenty years we can look forward to dinner at 3:30, endless martinis, talking loud and over each other, dementia, giving our grandchildren wine in sippy cups and other such oddities. At least this is what I hear happens at 60.


K-Sea said...

I am glad you cropped that bathtub picture! Yowzers....Thank you very much for the post. I love you too!

Audra said...

The part about where he reminds you of your dad made me cry....

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Happy birthday, Shaun! You have a great sister!

Grandma said...

That is enough, MaineMom. This was suppose to be a nice blog about the birthday boy and it turned out to be a "hit" on the old folks.

Happy Birthday, Shaun. You are the best!

T5M said...

Mom - when you say "the best", you mean, "the best son", right? ..Not the all around best, right? ..cause I thought that I was the best you please clarify?

Grandma said...

You see, the "best child" changes with the weather. Sometimes it's you and sometime it's your brother. However, on his 40th birthday, he is the best!