Monday, February 23, 2009

Sisterly Love

There is truly nothing like the love of sisters

There are a few different things going on in this video:

1) Amaya wants Amelle to get in big trouble. (Just before the video starts rolling, she is tells on Amelle, and I asked her what she wants me to do about it)

2) Amelle is trying to change the subject. She is a master at subject-changing. It's really one of her key strengths.

3) I am trying to deny that I play a monster game that consists of me chasing the girls around with a wild claw hand that I have no control over.

My only parting thought is that there is nothing Amelle wouldn't do for Maya, and this is the love she gets in return. Sisterly love.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

man...she's harsh!
i laughed outloud when amelle started imitating the game that you say you don't play :-) it's good to hear your voices. miss you!

Lo said...

hehehehehehe. can i play????

Erin @ T5M said...

For the record, that kick is not part of the game, I think Amelle just threw that in there to make me look abusive.

...or she's mixing up the games. We do also play a karate game where I kick all of their little butts with my deadly karate moves. I am a black belt in faux karate.

...spanks, monster claws, kicks, karate - DSS is going to be knocking on my door tonight!

Grandma said...

Amaya's face look so mean when she was telling you to punish Amelle. Sisterly love must be the same as sister and brotherly love. I was previed to that firsthand.

Audra said...

didn't that sister/brotherly love end up with Erin getting braces in her 30's b/c her brother knocked her tooth out?

MaineMom said...

Well we all know who wears the (retro) pants over at your house....

Ah..sisterly love. Just ask Jill how good it is!