Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Week 2: The Senses

This week's photography challenge has been a thorn in my side. Seriously, I've been grumbling about it since I got Audra's e-mail. I called her names like "Overachiever" and "poophead" after reading this:

This week we will be photographing the 5 senses: Smell, See, Touch, Hear and Taste. Some rules! You can't photograph the body part that corresponds to the sense - so no noses for smell - it can't be that obvious. And you can't photograph someone engaged in the sense - so no one smelling a flower. But aside from that its up to you! You need to post 10 images - 2 of each. All images must be posted on your blog Wednesday January 28th by the end of the day!

And what really pissed me off about the whole thing is that stupid exclamation point at the end of the sentence, like this was going to be fun, or to imply that I should be excited about this challenge. I have never been more unhappy with Audra than I was this week.

I asked her if I could post previously taken pictures that might fit under these categories, but she declined my request, they had to be taken during the week. She is a mean, mean person. However, she did give me a hint, she told me to "google" the senses to get some ideas for my shots. I actualy decided not to do this because I wanted to just express what the senses meant to me, and I was afraid that my fledgling creativity would get all messed up if I started copying ideas from someone else.

So without any further complaining, here are this week's entries (and yes, they're even worse than last week's entries):


(or lack thereof with prolonged use of one of these)


Did I trick you? Did you think it would be taste? Have you ever tasted one of these things? Trust me, gumballs are definitely more of a visual. They are undeserving of the taste category.

My glasses, my bookmark.


I'm sorry for this, but truly nothing says smell better than garbage, right? This picture actually works on more than one level, because that trash is all "snot-rags" (yes, used tissues) - I haven't smelled anything in days because I've been sick. Genius or Totally Gross? You be the judge.

They don't really, but Maya likes to stick these puppies in my face and say, "Smell!". Then I take an obligatory wiff and declair "Ewww - stinky feet". (If I tell her that they don't smell, she is terribly disappointed and demands a re-smell.)


This is going somewhere...bear with me...


Um, does anyone know what I'm talking about here?


Yeah, you do.


(For the record, nothing in my house is this dusty, I actually took this picture over at Wendy's house, yeah, cause her house is real dusty, so I had to go there to take it. See that blue wall - that's the exact color of the walls at her house, it only looks like the color of my bedroom, but it's not, it's totally Wendy's house.)


Nuff said.


Don't you want to? A little bit?


The Gawel's said...

That was really good.You are very clever. I actually thought the dust one was on a snow covered car outside.

Is this a contest where you can win something?

MaineMom said...

Oh, you think you are really funny, eh? If this was a funny contest, you would've won. Hands down (get it?).

T5M said...

Thanks Nicky. Yeah, I wish it were snow. It's actually the dust that was in the back of the television in my room (I mean Wendy's room). But everything actually has a layer of dust in my room right now because Dirt is reconstructing our master bath. So sadly, there is dust everywhere!

The pisser about this contest is that for the 2nd week in a row, I am the only one who participated!! Audra herself even blew it off!!! The prize, is a free photography session with a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER - Audra Bayette! - Yes, it is...isn't it Audra? (I just made that up, but I'm going to guilt her into agreeing to it).


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i thought the dust was snow as well. i guess you're getting merry maids for wendy for her birthday ;-)
sorry i didn't participate this week. my garbage can looks the same as your's! so much for smell and taste!

Audra said...


You are so good at this I almost think I should just give you assignments to work on because your work is sooo good!

I love the gumball thing that is the best and the iPod is great too!
I love you Erin I am sorry you were mad at me :)

The Grahams said...

Great... now all I want is some peanut butter and chocolate chips. Except I don't have any chocolate chips. D'oh!!