Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week 3: Hold onto Your Hats

This week, Audra let me have the honors of choosing the photography challenge. I definitely "took it down a notch".

This week's photography challenge is going to be a little more low key (because Audra let me pick it). So the theme is "hats". Like as in the kind you wear on your head. Any kind of hat will do - hats on heads, hats on feet, strange hats, normal hats, winter hats, baseball caps, wigs, it doesn't matter - you choose. The rules are simple, the photographs have to: 1) have been taken between today and next Wednesday 2) have been taken by you, and 3) your top 5 photographs need to be posted on your blog by 3p EST next Wednesday:

t5m hats

Let me just say that I really, really tried to care about hats in and of themselves.

Hats off
...but I didn't. Even when I did freaky Photoshop things to them, I still didn't care about them.

Mad Hatter
...but as soon as I put them on a head...

My Hat

...they became interesting to me.

All Hat
(I did not play with her eyes in Photoshop)

Tip of the Hat

This concludes this week's photography challenge photographs. I actually posted 6 photos instead of 5, but that's just because I hated the first photograph (t5m hats), but felt as though I needed to prove that I did try to snap shots of just hats. That's probably going to be Audra's favorite pic, she usually likes the picture that I like the least.

Oh, and as I was going through pictures and editing, this photograph make me laugh out loud:

My poor children. They'll never know what's it would've been like to have been raised by a normal mother, one that doesn't force them to act as photography subjects/assistants/experiments.

So, which one is your favorite pic?


The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

I first have to say that I would be in serious trouble if I had to take part of this challenge as I hate hat's on my head, I don't own any...the only hats in my house are the skullies the boys wear! Not very interesting. As for my favorite pic, it must be Amelle in the last shot, poor child looks like she is ready for something else, anything other than this! The cutest goes to Maya as the "Mad Hatter"!

Grandma said...

Amaya's "mad hatter". That is a keeper!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

the first one is actually one of my favorites :-) i like the contrast between the red and the hats. my second would be amelle's amazing eyes!! jermaine's gonna have his hands full in a few more years!!

MaineMom said...

I'll take #2, please...

The one with Amelle (and her eyes) reminds me of the Blair Witch Project. But you wouldn't know anything about that b/c you don't watch scary movies!!

Audra said...

OK these are very good - I think you need to start posting your camera settings b/c I am seeing too much blur and I think you are back to your old 2.8 tricks... this week theme is going to be red. I want to see some tack sharp large depth of field stuff!

The mad hatter is my favorite

Erin @ T5M said...

I'm scared. I might actually have to take the 50mm off????

~Seth and Nancy~ said... were there "in spirit" :-)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great photos and great hats!

Trish said...

im jealous of your photo-taking talent. my vote is for "all hat." i wouldn't have thought to take that kind of shot.