Friday, February 06, 2009

We're Going to Africa!

Holy tamoli, they said yes!

Wendy and I are going to Ethiopia in April with Children's Hopechest. We're planning to visit the following orphanages: Kolfe, Abenezer’s, Kebebtseyhay, Hanna’s, as well as Moses Children’s Home and Ethiopia’s Children’s Home.

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I don't think I've ever been more scared and excited about anything. Truly equal parts of each emotion. The goal of this trip, is to care for orphans, but more importantly, to bring the "community to community" model of orphan sponsorship back our circles of influence here in the states. I'm specifically praying that my church will get involved with sponsoring an orphanage. Please pray for us!

....It's not that we haven't gone on "an adventure" before, but we're almost 15 years older and 5 kids wiser. This is us on our last big adventure, circa 1995:

Definitely a different kind of mission. Please keep us, and those beautiful children, in your prayers.


The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

I'm soo happy for you! I remember when I went...I was looking at my "Africa" folder over the weekend and I remember all the shots I had to will need to get lots of immunization shots,(yellow fever, thyphoid, hep A & B) Take your malaria pills and bring insect repellent with 100% deet to spray on your clothes! Drink bottled water only! there can be hep b in theirs. Oh and sunscreen, it's HOT there! You will be in for a rude awakening when you get a sniff of the local odor, you'll get used to it by the second day ( I did, maybe I'm used to being around smelly people...ponder that later) Oh and the biggest thing don't take offence to the children, pulling at your hair (I wore my hair curly and they kept tugging at it to see if it was real), calling you Muzungu' (White lady, they even called me that), and poking at you (I had a few of them trying to wipe off the tattoo I have on my arm and they kept looking at my and asking if it would come off!)
Ok so you can see I am exited for you! I wish I were going with you, I loved it there! I am waiting for Braxton to be a teenager so that we can go back. He keeps telling me that he wants to be an adult so that he too can go to Africa!
Bring kleenex! I worked in a crippled childrens hospital when I was there and I cried at least once a day just hearing their stories and seeing how content people were with just soo little. It is definately an experience of a lifetime, you will want to bring them all back with you.

You and Wendy will be in my prayers!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

DEFINITELY a different kind of mission! i'll definitely be praying for you guys. your comment on our blog. seth can't find his personal cell, so he didn't get jermaine's text. he wanted me to tell you to tell jermaine that he's actually looking for a bigger truck now...seriously!

Amy said...

So glad you guys are going... a little jealous too. I wanted to go so so badly.... I will live vicariously through you. :)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Consider yourself covered in prayer. It's a beautiful thing that you're doing.

Carole Turner said...

I wish I was going back! You will love it and it will break your heart.

Adopting1Soon said...

Lucky you! Give some extra hugs from me. I'm hoping to be there in June.... knock on wood.

Grandma said...

Proud and nervous for the both of you.