Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Animal Experimentation

Wendy had this great idea for us to learn how to make balloon animals for the kids in Ethiopia.

So we researched the special balloons needed and got ourselves about 500 of them and a fancy little balloon pump, so we could be all professional-like.

The problem we've run into is that money can't buy skill.

Dirt laughed at me for even thinking that I could learn to manipulate these things into animals. I just figured, "how hard can it be, clowns can do it!?".

Pictured above, is a little creation I like to call "bunch of butt cheeks"

...and this one shall go unnamed, for if I were to name it, I would not be allowed to work with children.

Yes, I will continue to practice. My goal is to perfect the dog, the giraffe, and the "flying mouse" - which are all variations of the same technique.

Pray for me.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

good stuff!! good thing you got a fancy balloon pump...have you ever tried to blow those up, impossible!!

Jillian and Crew said...


Grandma said...

Leave it to Wendy to come up with this idea! Are you going in clown costumes, too?

For some reason, butt cheeks may not go over as a big deal.

MaineMom said...

EXCUSE ME!? Who said I don't have mad balloon skillz? Don't put me in your "we" category of failed animal ballooners!

I have made the flying mouse (with success), I have made the dog (with success) and I have made the swan (with success).

Oh, I have also made the penis with three testicles (I just had to look up the word "testicle" because it looked wrong to me). But that balloon is for a private show I am doing later in the month.

MaineMom said...

I just showed these pictures to Will. I said, "this one is the mouse."

He said, "It doesn't look like a mouse."

The lucky kids in Ethiopia will be in MY line.

hee hee....

Erin @ T5M said...

..he has no vision.

Who has ever heard of a "flying mouse" anyway? It's not even a real animal (unless you consider Mighty Mouse).

My point is, who's to say what a flying mouse would actually look like?

MaineMom said...
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~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i've seen flying mice before! accidentally flying that is...doesn't usually work out too well for the poor thing either :-P