Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Since there is no photo challenge this week, I thought I'd post some random photography, or as Reverb likes to call it, "randomography".

Down the street
This lighthouse is not far from our house. I haven't seen it since fall. I miss it.

60 Degrees of Separation
We don't get all that many 80 degree days in Maine, lately it feels like all we've stuck in a 20 degree day rut! ...but when we do get 80 degree days, this is how they're spent. I miss 80 degree days.

Hard & Soft
What's hard and soft at the same time? Beach Rocks! I love them. They are all over my house. I think I literally have at least one beach rock in every room of my house. Wow, weird, I never thought about that until just now. The kids and I always try to find heart-shaped ones - those are THE BEST! I miss searching for heart-shaped beach rocks.

Lunch Break
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. Sadly this one was lost during the hard drive crash of 2008. Fortunately I was able to salvage it from my blog, but the resolution isn't that great. I loved this day - I was working from home and the kids and I skipped out for a quick picnic lunch. It was fabulously windy by the ocean and I bribed the kids (with ice cream) to run around with their towels while I snapped away the kids just frolicked carelessly along the grassy, sailboat littered shoreline. I miss having lunch by the ocean.

No summer time outing is complete without ice cream. New Englanders are crazy about ice cream in the summer. Must be something about finding comfort in all things cold...I don't know. I love when the kids have to furiously lick the sides of their ice cream cones because the heat is melting the ice cream so quickly that it's running down the side of the cone, drenching their cheap little 1-ply napkins, and making their fingers sticky. It's a bit of frenzy, but I miss it.

The kids are fortunate to have four grandparents who are willing to play infinite rounds of the jump game, no matter how sore their arms will be the following day. I miss Grandparents.

It must be March in Maine. March is the worst month of the year. It's still very much winter in Maine, but everyone is tired of the cold & snow, and ready for spring. However, Spring is actually the first three days of June in Maine, so we have a long way to go. Blah. I miss summer!


Lo said...

i hear ya, girl, living in illinois is sorta the same. less severe, but still. still sucks! i can't look at my summer photos yet.... i'm going to florida in may and i keep looking at stuff online, only to get frustrated that i'm not there RIGHT NOW!

E-Rod said...

Bring on the good weather. Looking at these photos made my mind wander out of this cold stale office and onto the warm beach. Thanks Erin!

The Graham Fam said...

Ugh, my sentiment exactly. March is by far the worst month! No wonder the Irish came up with St. Patrick's Day-- you can drink away your winter woes for one glorious day.

MaineMom said...


I am so sick of winter. This has been a particularly bad one. I had to look at some summer pictures the other day just to remind myself that yes, there is grass under that frozen block of ice/snow that is my yard.

Bring on warm weather, flip flops and carefree summer days!!!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

these are great! makes me look forward to coming up to visit you guys again :-)

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great pictures! I love the lighthouse. And the kids look like they were having so much fun!

Jillian and Crew said...

Beautiful pictures!

Grandma said...

....and I miss Maine and all that goes with it!