Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tales of a 4th Grade Basketball Mom

This is our weekend.

Every weekend.

I'm not complaining

I'm just sayin'.

3 games yesterday

2 games today hour drive into the deep woods of New Hampshire

the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning's all suffering


Grandma said...

The memories are all worth every second that you are at those games. Plus, it must be fun to watch your own flesh and blood knock the other teams dead!

The Graham Fam said...

Ah, but just think... one day you'll back on these weekends and would give anything to have them back.

MaineMom said...

My laundry is suffering and I ain't got no excuse!!

Erin @ T5M said...

...your English is suffering too.

MaineMom said...

Whatchoo be talkin' 'bout?