Sunday, March 01, 2009

Time's Up!

I read a lot of blogs where the wives portray undying love for their husbands, well I'm here to keep it real, I hate Dirt.

On December 1st, Dirt and I began "a 90-day program" to each drop 30 pounds. We were both at our highest personal weights and it was clearly time to take some sort of action. Dirt picked a program that seemed to suit him (Body for Life) and I picked a program that I could live with (Weight Watchers).

This is where that hate part comes in.

The first week on the program Dirt lost 9 pounds. NINE pounds. I lost 2. Yeah, TWO. And so the weeks passed...I finally reached the 9 pound mark after 7 weeks of dieting.

Dirt would try to hide his weight loss from me, while I celebrated every single pound. One day when I was particularly discouraged, he offered a suggestion, "Babe, why don't you try cutting down on your carbs, I've heard that some people just don't process carbs like others do and maybe that's you, maybe carbs are your enemy".

"Oh really? So I should go on an all-vegetable diet, is that it? [feel the sarcasm]. Since I don't eat meat, if I were to cut out carbs then there would be nothing but vegetables left, I guess that would be an effective weight loss plan, but I'm not doing it. It's not sustainable. I hate you, weightLOSER!" Okay, I didn't actually say that last part, but I thought it.

Dirt didn't try to give me any additional weight loss tips after the low-carb suggestion.

So today is goal day - the big 3 month mark. Dirt has lost 35 pounds, and I...well I lost half that much.

I'd love to show you before and after pictures, but Dirt's were taken while he was in his underwear and frankly, Dirt at 240 pounds in his underwear is not something you want to see. I mean, 240 pounds is a lot of hotness to handle and I'm not sure you people are ready for that. I'm going to take his "after" picture today, but I won't be posting that either, because he really is kinda hot now and well, he's all mine.
***here are the before and after pics of Dirt (I cropped out most of his hotness for you):

Oh, and me, I really just look the same.

So we're taking today off and hopping back on the plan tomorrow. This way of eating/exercising really just needs to be our way of life. Neither of us has reached our goal weights (though Dirt is very close), but we're better off than we were before.

Now you see why I hate the man I love. Wouldn't you?


Smart Mouth Broad said...

I don't know why God makes it so easy for them in this area. But it seems to always be the case. But hey, Missy, 17 1/2 lbs is nothing to sneeze at either. And I bet you DON'T look the same. Congrats. You're my new inspiration. But I'm still not tracking points. ugh!

Erin @ T5M said...

I'm not really tracking points either - I'm just sort of "moving more, eating less". I did count points for the first 5 weeks or so, then I sort of "got the hang of it". I mentally track them I guess. Maybe I'd do better if I started writing them down again? ..that just seems too prescriptive to me...

MaineMom said...

I hate him too, just for you.

Seventeen and a half pounds is nothing to sneeze at sistah. It's all about lifestyle change - eating right and exercising.

Grandma said...

I am more proud of you losing 17 1/2 then Jermaine losing 35 because of how hard it is for women to lose weight. However, let me say, HURRAY FOR JERMAINE"! Thirty-five lbs. That is great! Lifestyle changes are hard to accomplished and the both of you are doing it. Keep up the good work!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

"frankly, Dirt at 240 pounds in his underwear is not something you want to see" quote seth..."that's gold"! i laughed so hard my stomach hurt! great post.
17.5 pounds is nothing to sneeze at...good for you!!!

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

You know I bought some distilled water this weekend for an experiment Harold has for school and as I bought it I remembered, Jermaine's all distilled water diet! Remember that! I truly understand why you can hate the one you love! I out weigh Harold by 20 lbs! Everytime he complains about losing weight I roll my eyes and leave the room. I've been dieting for the past two months and only lost 5 lbs!

Lo said...

yep. right there with ya. my husband could eat ten truckloads of food a day and still lose weight. he's 5'8 and 140, BARELY, and only bc when i cook for him i load protein and carbs into the meal. the man has no fat. whereas i? have been on a diet since forever and still haven't really lost anything. UNFAIR!!!!!

TheKeyRing said...

Men lose weight faster because they don't have hips for the weight to get hung up on. I also hate how quickly men can drop weight -- not only that, but even if men and women drop the same amount of weight it shows more on the men. It just isn't fair!! That all being said, congratulations to you on losing 17 1/2 pounds. I'm sure you look fabulous, and I think we need the after picture, even if you don't want to share the before and after.

Erin @ T5M said...

Pam, Pam, Pam
...I didn't take any before pictures of myself - I really can't see any reason why I would ever want to revisit myself a my "peak of plumpness".

Actually, I look exactly the same as the last time YOU saw me - I'm back at my "after Amaya" weight. :-)

I promise to post a picture of myself soon as I drop another 17 - ha! ha! (which will probably happen while I'm in Africa).

Hey, I've missed you around here! Glad you're back!


Trish said...

you should really let people know to get their Depends on before reading...especially us older folk. rich is losing weight, too. me--i NEED to, but pretend that i'm just too cool for that. meanwhile...the pounds continue to pile on. i wish i were more like a friend of mine who when asked if she wanted dessert said, "oh, no, i'm very particular about what i wear on my thighs!"0

Audra said...

i am posting this way late - and its more a message to Erin - I have been going to WW since October 2007...i have learned some hard lessons..

I think he is right about the carbs - I struggle with that too and on my vegan weeks I don't do well if all those vegan choices are carb based... i think he is right and there are ways to eat no meat and less carbs

and needless to say if you don't track your points you probably aren't staying in the range... people always underestimate what they are eating

eating less and moving more only works if you are eating less but still feeling full - which is where the points come in

I love you Erin - 18 lbs is a huge amount!!