Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week 6: I Hate Cooking

This week's photography challenge was food.

Since I hate cooking and waited until the last minute to take pictures (and it was rainy and overcast in Maine today) this is what you're stuck with:


(just kidding)



Cold Gold

Chocolate Cross

Weird, I know. But this isn't a new theme, people. Chocolate and crosses have gone together since the beginning of the commercialization of Easter. This is simply a new twist on an old concept. That's all. Nothing more.
Okay, I know you hate it, but have you ever tried to make a cross on a wrist using Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Chips? Well, then don't judge. Maybe it was fun. Especially when the chips kept slipping off as I was yelling at reminding Avery to be still and he was laughing and more chips were falling off, and chocolate was starting to melt and had to be there, it was a nice mother/son bonding experience.


Can you guess what food she's eating? (It's not ice cream)

Check out some of the others who are playing along with this ridiculous challenge. Go for it, check 'em out. You made it past the chocolate cross, I'm quite certain the worst is over:



Erica (scroll down)




~Seth and Nancy~ said...

LOVE the expression on maya's face...was that after she got into jermaine's cold gold?! :-)

MaineMom said...

I love #2 (and not just poop). I especially love how I can see the outline of your 'stache.

Is Amaya eating yogurt?

Erin @ T5M said...

Nance: it's not cold gold!

Wen: Um...that's Avery's boystache, I'm not talented or hairy enough to take that shot of myself. Okay, maybe I am hairy enough, but I'm definitely not talented enough - I'd need 7-foot long, double-jointed arm.

& no, Maya is not eating yogurt.

E-Rod said...

Haha! What a great post. I was an overachiever this time around and ended up posting the assignment last week. Check it out. Thanks for the shout out!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I love to cook but I have to say that looks like a pretty tasty dinner to me. I'm guessing yogurt?

Trish said...

i love the jello one. okay, enough of this food thing. it's late and i'm starving! btw, my friend's name is maryann. just so you know.

mae said...

Hi - Im MaryAnn - "trish's friend"
love your blog - you make me laugh!

Erin @ T5M said...

It was pancake batter (no eggs). She was lapping it up with her finger on Saturday morning. I was trying to capture the perfect finger drip, but failed. :-)

mae said...

So what's our next challange??? i'm sitting here with camera in hand...well, not really

Audra said...

As I promised this week I am critiquing - which is funny because my post is a day late. But since there are so many other participaters I may be bowing out of the shootings and just being the ring leader..
In any case... there is too much blur in these pictures! The one of Amaya eating is perfect (all the ISO and Fstops are right, white balance, etc) - do you know what you did to get that right that you can replicate on others...

April 4th can't come soon enough:)

MaineMom said...

BTW, is that what Amaya's face looks like? We never see it! She's like a sheepdog (but cuter of course).