Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I Care: Flora

From Kay Warren's "Dangerous Surrender":

Flora lived in a tiny house, but at least it was a house. She cried softly as she told me her story. Her husband had an affair and got his mistress pregnant. He discovered that he was HIV positive, his mistress was HIV positive, and their newborn baby was HIV positive. Then Flora found out that she was HIV positive as well; her husband’s unfaithfulness had brought HIV home. To add insult to injury, her unfaithful husband insisted that his mistress and her baby move into the tiny house with him, Flora, and their three children. When I met her, Flora was living in that dreadful situation.

Once again, my faith had not prepared me to minister to anyone facing the challenges she faced. I managed to croak out the words, ‘How can I pray for you? I’m going back to my country, and I would like to tell my friends about you. What can I ask them to pray for?”

I expected her to say, “Pray that my rat of a husband kicks his mistress out of my house”, or “Please ask your friends to send me some money for medication”, or "Would you ask them to pray that I get well?” Instead, she made the heart-wrenching request I’ve heard repeated by mothers around the world, “Would you ask them to pray for my children? Who will take care of them? No one will want them when they find out I’ve died of AIDS”.


The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

This is a harsh reality that lives in africa, where people do not have the money nor the means to live with such a disease. What saddens me more so is that a slightly less obvious version of this situation happens to many women here in our own back door.

Black & Hispanic women are amoung the highest group of infected cases in the US and majority of these women were infected by their husbands or boyfriends!

I happen to live in an area where you have to watch who you meet. Washington DC has the highest amount of AIDS and HIV cases in our country.

MaineMom said...

So sad. Poor Flora. Poor Flora's children. What a rat bastard of a husband! There! I said it for her!