Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jesus vs. Easter Bunny

There are a multitude of reasons why Jesus is better than the Easter Bunny. Here are just a few:
Jesus doesn't leave footprints all over my house.
(when the kids saw this, they said: "Oooh mom...look what the Easter bunny did to your floors! You're gonna have to clean that up.)

He doesn't bring my 8yo daughter 2-piece bathingsuits.

(this is going to be problematic, trust me)

He doesn't hide candy all over our living room.

(I will find that one drippy chocolate filled egg in August)

He doesn't give a 3yo free reign on her own gumball machine. (Maya's mouth is filled to the brim with gum. If I'm lucky, that gum will end up in the trash. If I'm lucky). Boy, that Easter Bunny is not very bright, ahem.
...oh, and the best-est reason is that He provided a way for me to go to Heaven! (John 19 & 20)
Happy Easter everyone!


Lo said...

i LOVE that you did easter bunny footprints. that definitely goes in the brain vault for when i have kids. quite clever lil lady :) happy Easter!!!!!!!!

Grandma said...

Oh does that 3-year old look like she is trying to look innocent or what???????

MaineMom said...

Love the 2-piece. You're in trouble in a few years...

The EB here left some of his "tail" in the door. For some reason he seems to do it every year.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

good stuff!!