Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Ethiopia

So this is it. I leave tomorrow. I hate leaving home w/o Dirt and the kids. Before I travel anywhere without them I always get all weirded out about stuff. I pay attention to every detail...this is my last night tucking the kids in for 9 days, this is the last time I'll take a nice long hot shower for 9 days, this is the last night I'll have to kick Dirts leg off my side of the bed, and so get the drift. It's so annoying and it fills me with sadness and makes the whole departure thing stink.

I always feel better once I arrive at my destination. I suppose once I arrive, I begin the process of working my way back home (I'll be home in 8 more days, etc). I can't begin counting the days until I return home until I've actually arrived.

This trip is very different from my normal travel (which is almost always business). In addition to the unique purpose and destination, I'm also bringing along some pretty cool things:

1. Binders from the kids' classes, with letters, drawings, and papers filled out by each student. The students were so excited to be part of this trip. I can't wait to return to their classes to share photographs with them. I'm praying that I'll get an opportunity to bring them home some drawings or letters from the kids in Ethiopia.

2. Jump ropes! My company was kind enough to donate 89 (or 60) jump ropes to the orphanages. I'm not sure if there were 89 or 60 jump ropes in the box they sent me, I'll count when I get there. Either way, there will be lots of kids in Ethiopia jumping next week! I hope they don't incite some kind of earth tremor.

3. Cash. Oh my gosh. I can't even describe the generosity that has been poured out by people we know, and those we don't know. I am so touched by the gifts that people have given in support of this cause. I am leaving with $700 to give directly to those in need. How awesome is it to give to a cause and know that 100% of your gift is going to fulfill a need?! No overhead, no middle man (well, I guess technically I'm the middle man, ahem, middle woman), but these funds will be used in country to meet the needs of these precious children. It warms my soul to be able to play the middle woman. I can't wait to report back on how these funds blessed others.

4. Wendy. It was touch and go at the beginning, but my girl came through for me in a huge way. From the moment she IMed me those four sweet words, "F#@! it, I'll go", she has been 150% in and committed to this cause and this trip. Over the last few weeks I've been reflecting on what this process would've been like if I were traveling alone and I have to be honest, the thought alone is dark, cold and scary. It makes me suck my thumb and cry out to be held. I'm so glad that Wendy is coming with me. So, so, so glad.

5. Just kidding. I hate this thing. This thing does not belong on the cool list. It's not cool, it's terrible and it's inventors were probably evil, fashion evil, that is. I'll let you know how it goes for me, and if I decide to wear it on my front, side, or true to name, on my fanny. I know this is an important piece of information, and one in which I will not spare you the details of. I guess this is my last blogger post for 9 days...

...or is it?


Carole Turner said...

Erin, I choked up reading your post, I wish I was going with you. Maybe next year. :-) Know that I will be praying for this trip. God be with you all, you are doing His work and I'm glad to call you my cyber buddy :-)

Jillian and Crew said...

Praying for your trip!! Can't wait to hear about it all and see mroe pictures!

MaineMom said...

Um, Erin?

Yeah..I've changed my mind. I'm just gonna stay home.

Are you okay with that? What? What's that you say? We leave in five hours? FIVE HOURS?

Okay, I'll go.

When I finish throwing up.

(hee hee...just kidding, although my stomach is currently on a roller coaster of sorts).

Grandma said...

Good luck to everyone who is going on this mission and God bless!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

praying for you guys!!! can't wait to hear about your adventures