Friday, May 15, 2009

Be Cool Like Wendy

Last Christmas my adorable niece, Mina, received a beautiful Ugandan beaded necklace from from her favorite, awesome, talented, loving, compassionate, sweet, Auntie (yours truly).

Wendy, being the fashionista that she is, borrowed this necklace for our African excursion. You may not know this, but fashion is very important to orphans. It's important to make sure one is properly beaded before becoming a jungle gym for them to romp on. Those orphans are picky that way.

Now YOU too can become fashionable like Wendy. One of my RLC friends, Brandi, just came home from Uganda and brought tons of these awesome beads with her. Visit her blog and buy some now. She is selling them for $10 (which is half the price I paid for these same beads 6 months ago), AND 100% of the proceeds go to Uganda in support of these beautiful people.

If you want to read more about her trip, grab some tissues and visit these blogs:


MaineMom said...

I am pretty cool. The beads just made me that much cooler.

Brandi said...

Awe. . .thanks!

Can't wait to talk soon! PS the beads DO make me cooler than I really am. . .they are kind of my secret weapon! hehe


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

they make good gifts too!

Grandma said...

Can't have enough jewelry. I'am one my way to that website!