Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - Part III

Two years ago I received this awesome Mother's Day gift from Avery. It's a "magazine", a 2nd grade exclusive Mother of the year edition of TIME. You probably don't know that I was named mother of the year in 2007, but I was.

Yes, this is me. A little "library lady", but that's okay, I was still honored to receive this warm and wonderful gift.


Page 4. Page four depicts a "photograph" of the mother doing what she loves best. Here's me:

I'm in bed.

This might seem shallow, but the only thing I could think of is what the teacher must think of me. In bed??!! Like I'm some kind of sloth mom? I may be a lot of things, but one thing I don't do is lay around in bed all day. As far as moms go, I'm pretty busy. Now don't get me wrong, that's not to say that I don't love going to bed at night, cause I do. I love my bed. It is my sanctuary after a long day. But I retire there AFTER the kids are in bed. How does he know my secret? ..and now the world knows!

When Amelle landed the same 2nd grade teacher this year I knew it was an opportunity for me to redeem myself. Come Mother's Day I knew that I would be cast again as the mom of the year and my girl Amelle would do me right.

So here's this year's rendition. I'm more youthful, a little edgy even with my messy hair and loop earrings, black turtleneck...very sheek if I do say so myself. But what's that? A yellow highlighter over my braces-clad teeth? What is this?! She so proudly explained that she even colored my rubber bands yellow. A few weeks ago, apparently around the time this portrait was rendered, Amelle told me my teeth looked yellow, and she was right. Right after I got my new clear rubber bands, I ate two smart dogs loaded up with mustard, which stained and discolored them. I walked around for 4 weeks with yellowish bands. Luckily for me, these yellow bands are not only captured in all of my Africa pictures, but also on the cover of TIME magazine.

But it gets worse.

Amelle is always on my case about my computer time. I often work from home and of the three, she tends to jockey for my attention while I'm working. I figured that she was going to ding me for this, so I was prepared for a picture of me on the computer, which I was okay with. Anything is better than laying in bed. I hurried to open the cover in search of the "photograph" of what I like doing the most and I come across this:

I didn't understand this picture, so I inquired about it.

Amelle tells me that I'm in bed reading.

In BED again!

What the heck!?! I have one last chance with this project 5 years from now. I am going to ingrain in Maya that I love helping orphans, or going to the beach, or exercising, or baking organic whole wheat cookies, or anything but being in bed. I hate the bed. Bed = bad.


Lo said...

hahahahahahhaahha this is so funny!!! my girlfriends kid did something along the same lines and it asked, what is your mom most afraid of? and she wrote, ferrets and a dirty house. hahaha. she was like, great, i'm an animal hating ocd freak. :) kids are hilarious!

The Gawel's said...

Start now by saying I hate going to bed! It is very cute! I love getting things like that. Happy belated Mother's Day to one of the best!

Audra said...

Erin that is perfect! you should be thrilled that your kids know you as well as they do! I love bed too so I am going to get in it!

Grandma said...

The kids know you better than you know yourself!!!!! Funny! However, growing up, you never had to be told to "GO TO BED"!

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

Funny how kids spill all your secrets...Braxton's little tale about his mommy involved going to the Mall & Target as attractions and for what we do together? Quality time in front of the TV watching Batman "Dork knight"! At first glance You'd think she's a shoppoholic/couch potato!
Actual explanation, Braxton loves the mall because he love to go to Outdoor World to look at the taxidermed animals and fish, Target almost always provides a new toy, and TV well we do watch TV ...I can't explain that one away!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

this is hysterical!!!

Erin Moore said...

What's worse, is look at me in bed - I'm doing a full spread eagle! At least Avery had the decency to cover me up!

Interesting how both kids drew this from an aerial vantage point. I'm going to check my ceiling fan tonight, there's a good chance they they may be hiding up there on one of the blades.

Little suckers.