Saturday, May 02, 2009

People Need Shoes

You didn't think I'd forget, did you?

Um, I just came back from Africa. There are some serious footwear issues there. Even if I had forgotten (and I'm not saying I did), but if had, Africa would've reminded me.

See all these footwear pics? I took them last week when I was in Africa.

We're going to help.

We're going to have parties at our houses and people are going to bring their surplus shoes to us, and then we're going to send them off to Soles for Souls, and then Soles for Souls is going to send them off to people who need them.

Yes. It's gonna happen. We're going to make it happen.

And, it's going to be fun.

And, it's going to make us feel good.

It's true.

Now, I'm going to count back from 5 to 1, and when I snap my fingers you will awaken and begin jotting down a list of names of people who you would like to invite.

That's the first step.








Smart Mouth Broad said...

This is a fabulous idea. I'm making a list. And perfect timing too. D2 just came home for summer from college. She and her friends have more shoes than................well, they have a lot of shoes.

Jillian and Crew said...

Can I we mail you money to help with the shoes, instead of buying shoes and spending money on postage, you can just get the shoes? is tht OK?? or too much hassle? let me know.
thanks and LOVE this idea.

Grandma said...

Yes, this is a good idea. However, I am going to ask my friends rather then have a party. I am sure they will be glad to give up some of their shoes. Expect a bag on your doorstep when I come up at the end of the month!

Lo said...

i wish i could come!!!! sigh. i'll have to figure out a way to help. can i donate and you can pass it along? i could send you a check. or. i'll figure it out. i helped soles for souls already, a few months back, and these photos just broke my heart... and i'm with you on the toms shoes thing, love that they donate a pair when you buy a pair, but dang are they fugly!!!! also??? i kept my maiden name when i married (it was easier) but on facebook, i use my husbands last name. bc someone from high school found me. i was skeeved out and changed it :)

Erin Moore said...

I should make a few points of clarification:

1) Surplus Shoes = shoes that you & your friends already have hanging around the house that you probably won't wear again for whatever reason. The main reason in my house is that I buy my kids too many shoes and then their feet grow and I am left with about 7 pairs of shoes per kid/per season that end up in the trash. The shoes have been worn, but are still in good shape. (unlike the shoes worn by my Eth friends where the toes are busted through or bottoms are worn out).

2) Shoes should be fit for purpose. No high heels please. Ethiopians do a lot of walking - shoes should be fit for that purpose.

3) If you don't have shoes, don't have friends, or don't have the desire to party, but would still like to contribute, you can definitely make a donation to Soles for Souls, or you can hold off and help someone who is throwing a party with shipping costs.

One of my personal goals is to send my friend Hanoch at Hope for the Hopeless a size 9 or 10 pair of soccer sneakers. He is 16 years old and wearing a ladies 6, his poor feet are jammed into those sneakers! I want to free is toes!

You guys are the best-est!

MaineMom said...

I'm definitely fact I was just looking through my garage the other day at a bunch of "old" shoes (Old just equals unworn/worn a few times/no longer fit here at our household).

When? Where? Let's get going!

ethiHOPEia said...

I just read your blog posts on your trip to Ethiopia. What an adventure! Addis is SO BIG, it was interesting how much you saw in one week. Some of those very places you mentioned we visited as well. It was nice to be reminded of the place where our children just came from...I have to admit I haven't wanted to go back any time soon; but now that one month has passed I am starting to think fondly of Ethiopia once again. It is a life changing trip that leaves many unanswered questions and feelings...
many blessings,
Hilary Forrest

Audra said...

Erin I have a pair of size 10 sneakers that were going to hit the trash/donation bin today - should I bring them in to you?