Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet 16

Actually, Sweet 61.
(though if you click here, you can see her blowing out the candles at her sweet 16 party)

Today my mom turned 61, so we spent the afternoon doing something that we knew she'd really love.

No, not exactly the spa.

A little trail hiking and a picnic lunch. And a LOT of rolling down hills. (Even grandma got in on the action!)

It was a great day and according to Grandma, she enjoyed this birthday party more than the big one we threw for her last year!
Happy Birthday Mom!


MaineMom said...

Good times yesterday! I love the group picture of us - especially Beckett with his 'fro looking over his Dad's shoulder to see what's going on.

Next year he'll be rolling down dem hills....

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

what a great shot of all of you!!
funny...i was just talking to seth yesterday about how i ruined my favorite pair of pants rolling down a hill :-) i'm sure it was worth it at the time!

Grandma said...

That scanner is nasty! You always have to pick the worst pictures of me! However, thanks for the blog and thinking of me!