Saturday, June 27, 2009

3rd Official Ethiopian Adoption Update Part II

[Part I here]

...So when I arrived home from Ethiopia I immediately put envelopes together for B and Bereket. Amelle wrote a letter to Bereket and I printed pictures for both of them. It was good to feel like I would be able to keep in touch.

Of course, there was more going on behind the scenes. I was planning to make my move on Dirt about adopting B. I planted seeds and hinted around for a few days, telling him how I had lost my appetite to adopt a younger child. Oddly, I was nervous about approaching him about it. I don’t know why that is, maybe I was afraid he’d say no and I’d have to just sort of deal with that.

He didn’t say no. But he didn’t say yes either. He said, “I’m not at peace with it”.

I walked around in a funk for three weeks, completely heartbroken over this boy. I prayed and asked God to open this door, to drop the burden on Dirt, to make a way for this to happen, but He seemed to remain silent, simply listening to my pleas.

One night I asked Dirt if I could just find out if he’s even adoptable. I mean, all this heartache, and I may find out that he isn’t even adoptable. That would certainly close the door. (Tom had told me that the boys at Kolfe were not adoptable, but many of the boys at Kolfe had told us that their friends had been adopted). Dirt agreed to me finding out, but cautioned that if B was adoptable, he still wasn’t ready.

I "tweeted" that Dirt said I could look into it and someone responded back on my FB, saying I should check out Gladney (Adoption Agency). She didn’t know who the boy was or which orphanage he was at, but I thought, okay, Gladney is a start. There are probably over 100 different agencies to choose from, Gladney seemed as good of a starting point as any.

That night I checked out Gladney’s website and I immediately recognized the backdrop in their Ethiopia video. It was Kolfe. I had reached into the haystack and pulled out the needle!

That night I went to bed smiling. The following morning I e-mailed a representative at Gladney and waiting patiently by my gmail account for a reply. By noon I had received bittersweet news. They found him, sent me a picture and short bio. He was a “waiting child” – completely adoptable. But he is 12 and has an older sister who is 16. They can not be separated.

My heart sank. I couldn’t get Dirt to say yes to one, how could I even approach him about two kids? Did I even want two kids myself? I had never considered adopting a teenage daughter. Neh-ver. Five kids? That’s just crazy talk. I dropped it. Sort of. A few days later I dug up the e-mail and re-read their short bios.

His bio said that he liked to play with Legos and swim. Just like Avery. Her bio said that she liked to do hair and wanted to be adopted so that she could have a mother and father’s love.

Wait a second, back up. She likes to do hair? Um. This could be a perfect match! In fact, this could be a match made in heaven! She likes to do hair! Our family has an opening for someone who likes to do hair!

My heart began to soften to the possibility of adopting two kids. I began to look at these kids in the context of our family. Yes, it was totally crazy, but I serve a God of the crazy. A talking burning bush is crazy, raising people from the dead is crazy, turning water into wine is crazy, us adopting two teenagers is crazy – but with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Dirt went to talk to our pastor and was assured that he needed to be at peace with this decision before moving forward. I get that. I also understand that Dirt needs to be back at work before we can move forward.

...To be continued…


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i laughed outloud at the hair crack me up! i'll be praying for obviousness for you guys...

Chris and Jess said...

You are just going to keep leaving me hanging, aren't you!?!? I had no idea that Biruk had a sister- wowowow! I love reading your story, and watching it unfold for your family- so many connections. God's work for sure. I will continue to pray for you and your family's journey.

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

Good luck on your journey to adoption, Only you would shine a positive on some one who can do hair! Guess we all have our quirks!

I want to adopt and would like to have an older child, they need it the most, though they need alot of love and compassion as they have faced so much rejection and pain in their lives. Remember to have an open heart with them once the lord places them with you. I'm sure you would be a great adoptive family.

Grandma said...

I like the sound of 10 grandchildren! Wendy and Shaun are you considering????

MaineMom said...

No more for us Grandma, but we'll certainly welcome MOORE into the family!!!