Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cleaning House

We began kidless day 2 much in the same way that we began kidless day 1 - cleaning. Today I took on Avery's room.

You learn a lot about your kids by cleaning their rooms. For example, I didn't realize that my son was The King, until I found this sign above his bed. I mean, who knew - royalty in my own house?

Then I found this note next to his bed. It must have been written to one of his royal subjects. I didn't even know he drank lattes.

I also found a lot of little things like this tucked away in boxes and jars. I didn't open these notes because they seemed to be securely fastened, and I didn't know if they were some sort of important royal document that I had no business reading.

I also found "creations". I love creations. I love them a little more than "experiments" because creations are often less messy than experiments. I came across a well documented experiment that involved water and crayons and some other things that I couldn't recognize. I think it was a decomposition experiment. I let it be, but everything in me wanted to throw it away.

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Grandma said...

Sounds like you are missing your kids! I would not be cleaning their rooms during kidless week. I would be reading a book or sitting out in the sun. You remember, that big bright thing that is up in the sky!