Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Death Is Not Dying

As I type, I'm listening to Rachel Barkly. She is just a regular person, so no need to google the name. She is a 37 year old mother with 2 young children and a loving husband. She found out 6 weeks before the speech I'm listening to, that she is dying...soon.

Tears are rolling down my cheeks.

Maybe I'm crying because I see so much of myself in her. She's a mom, she's got a lot of pet peeves (many that I share), she's my age, she has brown hair, and so on...

Or maybe I'm crying because she is nothing like me. She's brave beyond my comprehension in the face of my greatest fear.

I found her after reading my RLC friend's blog, his wife has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer at 33. Please pray for Jaime and Holly.

Oh, and Rachel, she died two weeks ago. Watch this video, be inspired.


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

tears rolling down my face as well. thank you for the reminder, erin. what an incredible message by an incredible woman!

Erin Moore said...

I've been thinking about this all day, it's awesome. I usually don't have patience for watching this sort of thing, but this was REALLY good and really moving.