Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dressin' Up

This blog post should come with a here it is: The images you are about to witness are disturbing...possibly nightmare inducing. Proceed at your own risk.
She's a natural blond.

Um, what is she doing?

Okay, we're all doing it now. I don't know what is going on with the hands, I think one person started it and we all just went with it. I don't know if we're karate chopping or praying to Jesus. Maya's rocking the fish pucker, I look like I am about to cry. In fact, I might be.

Poor Dirt, this is what he woke up to this morning. The kicker is, he had to mutter out how beautiful we all looked. Poor guy, he's going to have to confess that one.


MaineMom said...

Maya looks like a cross between Lady Gaga and Lil Kim. Amelle looks like Snow White and you just look scary.

Grandma said...

I agree with Jermaine. You all look so beautiful!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

too funny!! makes me laugh how serous maya is!

Carole Turner said...

Fun with Wigs!! Love it!

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

This is too cute! you all must be rocking the Prayer Collection, accessorized with ribbons and wigs! I think you may have a little diva on your hands, Maya seems to take very well to character, you and Amelle just seem to be following her lead. Simply adorable.