Monday, September 07, 2009

Meet Fat Louie

You remember "the proposal", right?
Well - here's the result:
Meet "Fat Louie"
(I have no idea where Avery came up with this name...we don't allow him to watch The Supranos")
This morning I found this little guy on Craiglist. By 4pm we were driving home with him.

By 4:30pm Avery's eye looked like this.

We're hoping Avery's not allergic. The only reason why we think there is a chance that he isn't is because when Fat Louie got in the car, he had just had a flea bath and was still "wet" with some of the "stuff" on his fur. Avery was petting him and then proceeded to rub his eye. We are thinking that maybe the "stuff" irritated his eye, but we aren't sure yet if it was the "stuff", or Fat Louie himself. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


K-Sea said...

I hope I get to meet Fat Louie before he goes back. Take it from someone with allergies to animals...I've seen that eye in the mirror a thousand times.

MaineMom said...

Did I say eight months? Okay, yeah I give that cat ONE month.

An adopted whale sounds pretty good right about now, eh?

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

so...was it the flea bath or fat louie?

Erin Moore said...

the jury is still out...