Saturday, September 19, 2009

"We Met Online"

Last year when I was obsessed with reading Ethiopian adoption blogs, I stumbled across Red Letters Campaign (RLC). When I clicked on the RLC website I found a portal of information related to extreme poverty and adoption. RLC is an online community of Christians who believe that we can help end extreme poverty by simply living out our Christian faith. I immediately wanted in; I wanted to be a part of the movement to end extreme poverty, to help orphans, and I was willing to sweep floors at the RLC headquarters if needed.

When I finally got around to touching base with Russ Weir, one of the RLC founders, he explained that I was already part of RLC - just by checking the site and blogging. He asked me how RLC could help me to achieve the things that God was laying on my heart. At the time, I wasn't clear what those things were, I just knew that I wanted to serve. I think Russ sensed my need to have a job and he asked me to write a travel guide for Ethiopia. I was in!

I was so excited to write that travel guide. It was a perfect assignment for me (my day job has me writing policies and guides). I began taking notes as I planned my trip to Ethiopia and planned to complete the guide when I returned home. Plans...plans...plans - they're a funny thing, aren't they? (The travel guide is still not complete).

In the meantime, Shaun introduced me to twitter. Don't ask me to explain it, I have no idea what to say about twitter, except that I am addicted. I was happy to see that RLC was already on twitter and I waited patiently for them to tweet something. They never did.

I wasn't sure who was in charge of the @rlccrew twitter account, but I sent a message to Russ saying that they could use more of a presence. He wrote me back saying that the job was mine.

This time I was really in! I quickly latched on to my new job as "Communications Director", or was it "Director of Outreach", or maybe it was "Twitter Queen of the Universe". My RLC title changes quite often (of course, my inner HR person cringes at this; is there a job description for that?!). We joke that I have finally found my spiritual gift: twittering. I'm also suppose to lead the Facebook effort, but that's not really my spiritual gift.

So...on Labor Day weekend, Dirt and I traveled to Dallas to meet the team that I had never met face to face, but whom I "talk" to every day! I have grown to love these friends of mine, before ever seeing them live. Amazing.

Here we are:

Okay, let's try this L to R starting with the back row:
Jonathan & Brea with their beautiful (and ridiculously well-behaved son), DeeDee & Paul, Jamie*, Sam*, and Greg.
Dirt, Me, Josh & Amy, Brandi, Holly*, Wendi*, and Russ* (* = RLC Founder). ...and behind the camera is Angel*.

The Warrior Girls!

...I like to call this one: "RLC feeds orphans not altars".
I love this girl. Brandi has such an enormous heart for Jesus (and orphans). Here she is goofing off at the pedicure place. Seriously, glazed donuts and chocolate milk for Buddha?


Brandi said...

awe. . I love you too!!! and you are HUGE on Twitter. . .definitely Queen of the Twitterverse! At least in my book!

Love you sweet friend!


MaineMom said...

I love social media!!

Erin Moore said...

Yay! you too, will meet Brandi - she's coming to Maine on 10/10.

Buddhists: hide your glazed donuts!

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

i was wondering what your trip to TX was all about!!

Carole Turner said...

Very cool! I love Red Letters Campaign!