Thursday, October 01, 2009

Poverty Cards

Wendy and I have been working on something fun that we're going to unleash at our 10/10 party, but if you're one of the four people who still faithfully follow this blog, you get to see it an advance.

We'll be selling super-cute baby and toddler t-shirts to benefit orphans. Each shirt is just $10, and 100% of the proceeds go to feeding orphans. They come with a tag that informs the recipient that through the purchase of each shirt, an orphan living in extreme poverty is fed for an entire month. Here are the initial shirt designs:
We'll also be selling cards and gift tags as well. Again, these feed orphans. Here are some of the design samples (they look better in person because these are on the design template, which is larger than the actual print area).

Here's a sample gift tag design. Don't you want these for your Christmas presents? These feed an orphan a meal. Yup, smart little suckers, aren't they? I am personally not accepting any gifts this year that do not have a Poverty Gift Tag on them. That's just how I roll.We had to laugh at ourselves yesterday because our whole vernacular has changed over the last few days. We say things like, "I'll send you the designs to proof", and "What do you think of this graphic?". We feel very artsy and cool. Of course, next week we'll be back to our regular dialog, "did you hear the croup is going around at daycare?", and "your daughter told me she had a spider crawling up her butt crack".

If you can't make it to our 10/10 party, but still want to get in on the t-shirts, gift tags, or cards, visit our Lobsters blog.


MaineMom said...

Well, we are pretty cool. At least in our minds.

Grandma said...

What great ideas. I wonder who was the mastermind? When you and Wendy get together, there is no stopping you in more ways then raising money for Africa.

The Crime Fighting Ninja said...

Do the Tee's come in larger sizes? our kids are a little bigger than a 4T....Send me order info...I can't make it maine but my checks can!!! DM me.

The Graham Fam said...

I love the first t-shirt! I'll definitely take one in a 18 month size. What about newborn onesies???

The Graham Fam said...
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