Sunday, November 15, 2009

Isaiah 40:31

I should have known something special was going to happen at church today. Mainly because I wasn’t going to go.

I missed zumba yesterday morning and thought about going this morning. We didn’t have the kids; I was thinking that Dirt could sleep in and I could just scooch over to zumba and feel good about having worked out today. Sure, I’d miss church, but that’s okay, there is no mandate that I have to go. We didn’t have any commitments at church and I was almost positive my favorite pastor wasn’t going to be preaching anyway. And so it was, a quasi-plan.

…until 8:15 when Dirt arose and asked me if I was ready to leave. My pajamas and morning breath told him I wasn’t. I suggested that he run to D&D and grab a coffee while I prettied myself up (translation: brushed my teeth and put yesterday's jeans on). We were sitting in our normal church seats by 8:40.

I noticed Dirt reading something in the bible during the offering and asked him what he was looking up. He told me that this morning, in the Dunkin Donuts drive thru line, he was behind a car with a license plate that said, “FAITH”. They also had a license plate holder that had two scripture references, Isaiah 40:31 & Hebrews 12:1-3. It was curious because it was obviously “custom”. Dirt was curious about what they were, so he was looking them up.

Church was good; good worship and good preaching. I was pleasantly surprised that my “favorite pastor” was preaching. I didn’t think about my earlier, thwarted plans at all. I never even mentioned zumba to Dirt – he didn’t need to know my unholy intentions.

After church a woman approached me and introduced herself. We had met once before. She had actually given the mother’s day message – which was pure perfection. She was a woman of tremendous faith, which resonated through her message. She encouraged women to support one another and to link up with a spiritually mature woman who can be sounding boards and support to us as we go through life’s trials. She told us about her special someone who challenged her faith and supported her through the loss of her teenage son years before. I remember looking over at her husband as she spoke, he quietly wiped tears from his eyes. I was wowed.

Just last week I was reflecting on her message and I expressed to Dirt that I needed to find a spiritually mature woman to “adopt me”. I don’t really have anyone in my life that I can go to about Christian stuff. I have Dirt, but he can only give me so much. First, he’s my husband, so he’s in everything with me, which doesn’t always lend itself to the best perspective, and second, he’s not a woman, a wife, or a mother. I need a Christian woman who is all of those things. Someone who can speak to me with biblical wisdom. But where do I find one of these?

I suppose I could actually go to one of the women’s events at church and hope to meet someone. There is no shortage of women’s conferences and bible study offerings. But I never do. I'm not real social, I guess.

So when this woman came up to me, put her hand on my back, and suggested that we get together for lunch some Sunday after church, I smiled and accepted. I couldn’t believe it. It was the Lord.

My eyes welled up the way they always do whenever I see God doing things in my life. I smiled as we settled in to Sunday School. Then something else really cool happened. In the middle of Sunday School we looked down at the handout and saw it in black and white: Isaiah: 40:31. This was the same sentence that Dirt had seen on the custom license plate holder an hour prior.
Um, do you know how many sentences there are in the bible? Only like a zillion. When the Lord picks one and puts it in front of you twice in one hour, you pay attention:

30Though youths grow weary and tired, And vigorous young men stumble badly,
31Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.

This was His message to us this morning.

Wait for the LORD.

So we wait for Him, but not alone.

Thank you Lord.


Shannon- said...

Erin- I was in tears by the 2nd paragraph. Isiah 40:28-31 was spoken on a particularly difficult evening on the ride home earlier this week This was before I got word about T being sick- (but the day he actually got sick), on the radio by a 9yr old. I was like "WHat? What did he just say?" I've been going over it a dozen times since.

It's amazing how these truths are spoken to us- straight to the heart- in the best way we will hear them.

Shannon- said...

Ok- 4th paragraph..

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

thanks for sharing. it's always so encouraging to hear how God works in obvious ways in people's lives.
glad you went with strengthening your spiritual muscles instead of physical ones :-)
you'll have to keep us posted about the mentoring/discipleship opportunity. i really hope it works out for you...she sounds like an incredible woman that would be such a wonderful person to go to for help.

Brandi said...

Ok, that's SO what I was praying for you!!!!! I've been praying for a sweet woman to come alongside you!!!

LOVE how the Lord works and LOVE how you share it. I adore you, emo! (or should i say Velvet Hammer ? )

Love you