Sunday, November 22, 2009

Season Closer

A few weeks ago we headed out to Fort Foster to collect some beach sand for Amelle's community project.

Since it was a beautiful fall evening, we loaded up the truck with our bikes and decided to take our time.

It was likely going to be the last time we visited our favorite spot until next year.

Fort Foster is just as beautiful in the fall, as it is in the summer. The trees were ablaze and the groundwater only made the rides more adventurous.

Hanging on for dear life...don't you know that there are sharks in that ground water?



Anyone want to guess how this adventure ends?

Mind you, this thing is twirling around at the speed of light.

If you answered, "with a shower", you are correct.

This is our Disney.

I love it.

1 comment:

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

much better than disney and FAR less expensive!!!
love the pictures of them riding the bikes with the sun...perfection :-) looking forward to seeing you in less than a week!!