Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What would you say?

I am so happy to report that I had another skype conversation with B and Solomon yesterday. This time it was just the three of us and B was more alert. He wasn't shy, but he still wasn't all that talkative.

I absolutely love skyping with them, but I’m never satiated, at the end of each call I immediately want to hop on the next plane headed to Ethiopia. I don’t know how to describe these interactions…they’re interesting. What did we talk about? Nothing and everything. The same thing you talk about with your kids.

I learned that B bites his nails (a Moore-family habit). That put a smile on my face, but not as big as the smile I had when I saw him pull out the (disposable) camera that Sam & Wendi gave him and begin to take pictures of me on Solomon's computer screen! Um...I am no longer sure that he isn't biologically ours.

Sometimes I learn things by observing and reading between the lines, but mostly I ask a lot of questions. I learned that the boys at Kolfe are fed three times per day – bread and tea for breakfast, injera and shiro (bean dish) for lunch and the same for dinner. They are rarely given fruit and only get meat 2-3 times per year. Solomon said that in the eight years he has lived at Kolfe, he has never seen an egg.

Their world is so incredibly different from ours.

So I had this idea to interview Solomon via Skype so that you all could see what it’s like to talk to these sweet boys. Solomon was game. So…what do you want to know? Leave a comment and I’ll ask the question. I’ll post a video of the discussion here in the next week.


K-Sea said...

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Lindsey said...

Erin~ I don't know that Solomon would know the answer, but do you know what it would costs for all the boys at Kolfe to have a meal of meat?

Chris and Jess said...

I think our travel group is going to donate to a meal/party for the boys at Kolfe- and if anyone is interested, I can give Belay more money to buy more goats for the boys. Here are the current costs:

For a family to provide a meal for children and caregivers at one of the government orphanages in Addis or for the Gladney foster care centers, the items and costs would include: 3-5 goats or sheep (about $40-$70 each), oranges and bananas for everyone (kids and caregivers) at the orphanage (about $25 total), soda for everyone (kids and caregivers) at the orphanage (about $30 total).

My travel buddy Jen is purchasing chickens for Kolfe with some of the funds she's earned fundraising! I can get the cost of a chicken, it's not much. It would be great to get a bunch of chickens that the boys could raise for eggs!!!!

Jennifer said...

Erin- this moves me to tears. I can't believe I will be there in slightly over 2 weeks. I will have some questions for you to ask Solomon because I want to provide as much as possible to Kolfe while I am there. Taking care of that egg thing as well- I am going to buy them about 20 chickens...and maybe some eggs in the meantime. If any of your blog readers want to send money for us to do even more, we are happy to take it and do it. I promise on my law degree I will do it and not pocket the money for new uggs. Email me.

Jennifer said...

ok- another comment with questions. could they use the chickens i plan to give them? or do they have some? i saw some wandering about the grounds in some old video footage from 2 years ago so i wanted to check. also, i would like to know if they could use new soccer goal nets. i know these are need based questions but that is my direct interest right now. i am also amazed by their faith in God and their joy. they were all so joyful when we met them.

Theresa said...

Erin - As you know Dave and I will be there in a matter of days and we plan to spend a full day at Kolfe. We are actually buying them a cow for their Christmas dinner which is around $300. We are so excited to be able to do this for them. I can not wait to visit the boys and to meet them in person. We have your package too!